family rules insecurity

With a click on ultrabatery a huawei disables the family rules of your antivirus, it is very simple for my young son to remove the protection.



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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    There is a discussion about subject (probably):

    If your experience is also about this - did you try 'known' workaround(?):

    And if a workaround is not helpful anymore - good to contact their official F-Secure Support Channel (chat as example):

    Can be useful for boost up situation or as request for clarification if anything planned to be introduced against device's abilities.



  • Thanks Ukko, but I can´t find Protected apps option

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    @siulneleb wrote:

    Thanks Ukko, but I can´t find Protected apps option



    So, if the Knowledgebase article is no longer actual (or it is not enough) - I still suggest contacting their official F-Secure Support Channels (chat as example):

    at least, it should be useful for getting the proper advice.


    Another suggestion is next:

    I am not so experienced with Android platform and I am not sure if the proposed knowledgebase article is about general steps or specific ones (for a certain device manufacturer).


    If it is about general steps - then I tried to check with my own device and there is another wording of thins:

    I tried with my Nokia Android 8.1.0 device and there is settings for Battery Optimizations (Settings -- Apps and Notifications -- Advanced -- Special App Access -- Battery Optimization -- switch filters from to "all applications" as All apps -- search F-Secure solution there -- choose it and Do Not Optimize).

    Maybe your device with related options too; but I am not sure if this is applied for and works against own manufacturer's "Ultra Battery" functionality. But it is possible to doublecheck.




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