Updated to the newest version of Freedome last week. It will not connect to a server - just keeps spinning its wheels. Have unistalled and reinstalled twice, no luck. Running on windows 10, no error message, have let it sit and try to connect dozens of times, sometimes letting it run for 10+ minutes. please help or let me restore a previous version (windows does not have a previous version on file since I unistalled it).



  • Having same.issue
  • SethuSethu Posts: 719 F-Secure Employee

    Hello @SPAZ_JAMMER


    Thank you for reporting us the issue, we need to make sure an exact version of your Freedome that you installed. 


    Are you getting any error message during connecting?

  • SPAZ_JAMMERSPAZ_JAMMER Posts: 14 New Member

    its version 2.26.5768.0

    Windows 10

    no error message

    just keeps trying and trying to connect

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    Hello @SPAZ_JAMMER


    Thank you for the information, it seems you are already using the latest version of Freedome. In such case,  we would like you to double check that your internet connection is stable. If possible, connect to some other network to see, if the issue continues.

    If F-Secure Freedome works without problems and the issue doesn't continue, it's likely that this phenomenon is caused by unstable internet connection.

    In case the issue continues also when you're connected to another network, try removing and reinstalling F-Secure Freedome on your device.  For that, please follow the below steps.

    A). First uninstall Freedome

    1. Download the Uninstallation Tool  and save it to your desktop (or run it immediately).
    2. Double click FsUninstallationTool.exe, accept the terms and run the uninstaller. You need to choose     which components you want to uninstall. CHOOSE ONLY FREEDOME.

    3. When the uninstaller has finished, reboot the computer.

    B). Type the following commands to Command Prompt

    1. Open a Command Prompt (Run as administrator) window.   
    2. Type in pnputil -e >list.txt  which creates list.txt and you can easily search "f-secure" from that text file.  
    3. Figure out which *.inf file is associated with the F-Secure Freedome TAP driver  
    4. Run pnputil.exe -d oem<NUMBER>.inf  Which will remove the driver.

    C) . Flush the DNS cache. For that, Open command prompt as an administrator and type the following commands:


    1. Type ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter
    2. Type netsh winsock reset and hit enter
    3. Type netsh int ipv6 reset and hit enter

    4. Type netcfg -d and hit enter

    D). Re-start your computer and re-install Freedome to check whether the issue still remain.

  • SPAZ_JAMMERSPAZ_JAMMER Posts: 14 New Member

    I followed the 'unistall' steps. it didn't just remove Freedome, it removed all my network drivers.  spent the entire friday evening troubleshooting, trying to find the drivers via my old PC etc, ended up doing a full reset of my pc

  • SPAZ_JAMMERSPAZ_JAMMER Posts: 14 New Member

    also, I did reinstall it again. no success connecting

  • SPAZ_JAMMERSPAZ_JAMMER Posts: 14 New Member



    was working fine for 3 years then updated to version 2.26.5768.0 -would not connect

    Windows 10

    no error message

    just keeps trying and trying to connect

    removed/reinstalled it twice - no success

    followed f-secure advice and removed driver - flushed cache : caused ALL my network drivers to be removed!  had to do a full system reset to get backonline!

    reinstalled version  2.26.5768.0 -still won't connect

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    Hello @SPAZ_JAMMER,


    Since the issue is persisting even after trying the steps mentioned above, kindly get in touch with our support team here via chat or phone in order to troubleshoot this further. You can also provide the support team with the log file generated as mentioned here.

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