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As know that f-secure uses its own inhouse malware engine with Aquaris (Bitdefender engine) for detection of malware in it's present products.


But with the introduction of v17.5 beta 10 it has replaced Aquaris engine with Capricon engine(Avira engine)


Is it true that f-secure is shifting from bitdefender to avira signatures in its upcomming products. If yes then what about the version of product before 17.5, will they still be dependent on f-secure+bitdefender engine or they will also get shift to f-secure+avira engine.


  • Also what about the virustotal detection, will virustotal still be showing detection as per bitdefender name or the new avira name

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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    There was a reply that (usually) engine update is not tied to certain software build or version:

    Thus, my own feelings are that if all is compatible and stable enough - then updated engine will be with all solutions. In addition, it is good to use up-to-date product versions, anyway.

    By the way, I do able to suspect that it is not possible to call "Avira engine" (or "any_company" engine). More likely that F-Secure (and Avira itself) uses certain tool or SDK for such functionality. Where it is more like platform for introducing engine. Thus, possible to claim that certain engine (F-Secure or Avira own) is powered by certain platform (yes, created by Avira itself, as example).



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    We will soon release a new engine generation for one of our core engines, which will provide various improvements that are essential in combating the more adaptive and targeted attackers of the future. The new engine generation will be released in an update to all officially supported product versions, as well as to VirusTotal’s file verification service.

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    @Lakshis this new engine Capricorn or do you have something other in pipeline?

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    Hello @Lord_Ami!


    Yes, this is Capricorn. May be this article would also be helpful.

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