Cancelling sub after no service in China

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I was happy to go with Freedome as it is FINNISH. I thought if it's Finnish it must work. However, it did not work in China. I replied the receipt e-mail asking for a refund (promised within 30 day period), to no reply. Reference XXXXXXX.


However, I would be happy to continue with Freedome e.g. with a partial refund, given assurances that F-Secure is constantly fighting the blocking attempts by the PRC and service in China might resume.


As an anecdote, our handlers in China for a business trip organised by a big company considered it very important that we have VPN. They had gov-sanctioned VPN themselves.


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  • Chameni
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    Hi @henrikzone,


    The use of VPN apps (including FREEDOME) is restricted in China. Due to the policy of the Chinese government, VPN connections are blocked in their network for both local residents and foreign people travelling in China. Please refer here for more details on this.


    However on your support case, it had been auto-closed since there was no reply from your side for the refund. Would you still like to proceed for a full refund for this? Please let us know in order for us to proceed.



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