Locks up on manual scanning


I have F-Secure Total. NEVER had this happen before.


Browser tab beeped - I flipped to it and saw it was some stupid redirect with a "you have won" crap. Closed the tab immediately (didn't download or click anything so should be good there), cleared my browser cache, went to history and deleted everything, and blocked the cookies from the site.


Closed my browser, opened f-secure and told it to do a manual scan (the basic in the main menu).


Got to 23% and froze for 10 min... ctrl/alt/del did nothing, several minutes later I had to do a forced shut down.


Gave it a few minutes, started up again, logged in.... before doing anything else I opened F-Secure again, told it to do manual scan.


Got to 25% and froze again.... had to do a hard shut down.


I thought the point of a manual scan is to ensure we have no viruses if we suspect or want to be sure??


But I can't, it freezes. Everything else is working fine, but now I'm concerned about using any banking etc without knowing for sure that my pc is ok.






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