Is My Slow Internet Normal After Installing F-Secure Freedom

CaJohn Posts: 3 New Member

Today I downloaded and installed the five day trial version on F-Secure Fredom on my Windows 10 desktop computer.   I want the security of VPN but without a "dramatic" reduciton in download and upload speeds.


F-Secure Freedom Server: West Coast USA

Home Internet: AT&T Uverse

Following tests performed with SpeedTest

Prior To F-Secure Freedom

     50.4 / 12.6

After Installing F-Secure Freedom

    28.2 / 8.6


Is such a dramatic speed degredation normal with F-Secure Freedom?


Thank you - John



  • Sethu
    Sethu Posts: 687 Forum Champion

    Hello @CaJohn


    Could you please have a look at this articel?  and have you tried to change the differnet virtual location and check it?


    Would it be possible for you to check Ookla Speed test with F-secure Freedome?

  • CaJohn
    CaJohn Posts: 3 New Member

    Thank you for pointing me to the two articles.


    I was alerady using SpeedTest OOKULA.  I played around with the designated testing server and found if I selected a server in Orange County California (I live in Orange County) test results were basicly the same as my pre-installation tests using an AT&T Server in Los Angeles.


    The only close server farm I can find for Freedom VPN is "West Coast."


    I now understand why the test resutls vary, however I remain concerned about the noticable download/upload degredation following the installation of Freedom-VPN.  I only have two days left on the free trial before I have to decide if the benefits of the product outweigh the speed loss.






  • CaJohn
    CaJohn Posts: 3 New Member

    Thanks for the suggestions.


    I cleared the DNS Cache.  Testing results did improve. It appears there is enought capability for me to adjjust settings and possibly make up even more of the loss.  Guess I will go ahead and convert my trial install to a regular account.

  • Sethu
    Sethu Posts: 687 Forum Champion

    Hello @CaJohn


    Glad to know that you are happy with F-secure product. Thank you for choosing the F-secure and if we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to reach our support team .

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