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This feature is blocking my IP camera video from playing in Internet explorer. It seems the only solution is to turn off the feature. Is there a way to whitelist whatever is being blocked? thx in advance.


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    Hello @bmowrer,


    May I know the version of your F-secur Safe?, and have you tried to disable one by one the feature like realtime scanning,  deepgaurd and Firewall ? 


     Open F-secure Safe program> Select settings> Select the feature( i.e Deepgaurd) and slide on top left to turn off. 


    And, check again your IP camer program is working. If issue still reproduce, may I ask you try the steps sent you as private message?

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    Antivirus 17.193 build 128
    Online Safety 2.193 build 6279
    Ultralight 2.1 build 2499
    User Interface 20.00 build 332


    This issue is resolved by unchecking the Advanced Network Protection feature. Checking it causes the issue to return. I am unable to find more granularity within that feature that would allow me to have it turned on and still allow the IP camera to work. Will check for the PM shortly....

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    I have a similar issue that ANP is blocking functionality. Within the Cisco GNS3 wireshark packet captures are not working if the advanced network protection is enabled. It would make sense to be able to set an exception. I see similar posts from 2013 :-(


    I can only get the captures to work when I disable the advanced network protection.


    Antivirus 17.215.129

    Family rules 2.215.7452.4118

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    Hello @Surreal


    Thank you for reporting us the issue, our F-Secure program will try to block or consider certain  applications or websites as a potential risk. This also might be highly considered as a false-positive file. To attend to this issue, we have a Sample Analysis Department (SAS) to help verify these files. Kindly send these samples for verification to our SAS team. They will then liaise the issue with you directly. Please go to the link below.

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