F-Secure website protection completely useless

The website protection is blocking access to genuine webstores (including Apple and IKEA).
Additionally every new page I visit at one of those sites needs to be individually whitelistes. (Yes I know I can add entire domains in the settings but, as i do take my security seriously that is password protected so a complete hassle to change, especially if I only know which sites to add AFTER f-secure irritates the heck out of me by blocking a perfectly legitimate site...

Seriously considering buying one of the other platforms, this irritates me.


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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Good to know what is your platform (device/OS) and what is your F-Secure solution (F-Secure SAFE or something else)?


    Sounds that your experience is about Content Blocker(?) as part of Parental Control (or Family Rules) feature. Where possible to configure options and block certain categories (for example, "shopping").

    For example, with my own experience some of Apple pages/domains are rated as "shop" indeed. Furthermore, IKEA is rated as such too (expected).

    There was discussion when such options were turned ON after upgrade (and is not configured by own user steps from first):

    Possible to disable Content blocker (if feature is not used by you) or to uncheck certain categories (which should not be blocked). And it is not about 'browsing protection' (as protection against harmful or malicious websites) - but kind of filtering certain categories and prevent access to pages of certain category (by user choice).


    OR your experience is about blockpage with "harmful"-rating? If so - it is indeed about website protection (browsing protection) - but good to doublecheck it.

    Additionally every new page I visit at one of those sites needs to be individually whitelistes.

    This is also strange situation. If situation is about this view - possible to contact their Support Channels (chat as example) and to request investigation:




    I think that only expected situation if your experience was about something like:

    - opened page "home[.]ikea[.]com".

    this page is blocked; and then allowed by you. So, "home[.]ikea[.]com" is under whitelist.


    - then page like "ikea[.]com" or "gallery[.]ikea[.]com" can be blocked with try to access it.

    Because only "home[.]ikea[.]com" is under whitelist.

    With such situation good to whitelist "ikea[.]com" and should be possible to use any other subdomains.

    Otherwise - I wrongly got your point about this trouble.


    Sorry for my English.


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    My experience is Aboutaleb content blocker.

    i have a Mac And run Fsecure SAFE.


    there are no options to set in the blocking setting. Just enable protection and a list of exceptions.


    i know I can set exceptions. I even have to option of allowing a site each and every time I visit the site.


    however, each time I want to allow a site I also need to enter my system password for the system to allow that setting to go through. TouchID won’t work.


    as I, of course, use a strong (lengthy) password this is a real Pain to have to do each time.

  • AnneVoss
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    Thank you for your reply (and the timeframe specified)


  • Fritzz
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    @Sethu wrote:

    Our backend has managed to reproduce the problem and  still working on it as soon as the fix will be released through F-secure Update in the next maintenance release for F-secure Safe for Mac 17.4 R1.


    Hi @Sethu, is this fix already included in build 20347, which was released this Friday?



  • KoenB
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    Hi F-Secure,


    Unfortunately, for me it is not yet fixed. I'm using the latest version  17.4 (20332). I'm still having the issue AnneVoss had. Could you please fix this? It is indeed annoying to have to type the full login password or having to disable the protection.


    Thanks in advance!


  • Fritzz
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    @KoenB wrote:

    Unfortunately, for me it is not yet fixed. I'm using the latest version  17.4 (20332).

    Also for me not resolved yet (same version).

  • Fritzz
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    Now solved in build 20353.



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