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I have been using freedome for 3 months now while in Kabul. 


All was working fine on all devices until last week when the vpn won’t connect to one WiFi network. We have 2 WiFi networks we can use one is free and the other we pay for but can only connect one device to. Freedome will connect fine to the paid WiFi but won’t connect to the free one. 


When I have the vpn turned on the WiFi shows it’s connected but won’t give me the bars of signal or the vpn connected symbol. I then go into the freedome app and I just get the spinning loading screen as it tries to connect. Then after it dosnt connect I get a messages saying there is connectivity issues and asks me if it can diagnose. After it had run the diagnostic it says there is issues with the iOS vpn and I should reboot and try again.


i have rebooted the device numerous times, tried the use of the IKEv2 key and removed and reinstalled the vpn configuration. All has failed to solve the problem. 


I am using 2 devices - Apple iphone 7 running iOS 12.0.1 and freedome version


Apple iPad 9.7 running the same 12.0.1 and 


Please could you give me some advice on why this might happen and how I can get my connection back so I can continue to use both my devices. 


Any other info that you might need feel free to ask 


Thanks Chris 


  • Jaims
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    Hi Chris,


    My guess is that the admin of that Wi-Fi network might have blocked the other VPN protocol through the network as mentioned in this article here.


    Freedome for iOS uses a different VPN standard (IPSec) than the other OS as mentioned in this article. Freedome for Mac uses OpenVPN protocol as mentioned in this article.

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