Netflex  will not work when I use Fredome VPN,  What can I do.

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    Hi @FormerMember,


    We have seen similar posts before regarding Netflix and Freedome, like this one.


    Netflix has started to block VPN users, including our F-Secure Freedome customers. We have limited possibilities to prevent external 3rd party from blocking us. There are multiple ways how such blocking can be done. For instance, should someone want to block connections coming from our network addresses in their firewall, they are completely free to do so, and they do not need our permission to do that.

    We expect customers to respect the terms of third-party services that they access via our services. The Terms of Service for F-Secure Freedome can be found here:

    You could also contact Netflix to change their VPN blocking policy.

    Reference to Netflix Help in regards to VPN blocking is available here:


    Our Freedome application provides a safe and private access to the Internet, regardless where you connect from. It protects against “man-in-the-middle” attacks and securely encrypts your connection. Freedome also blocks trackers, prevents access to malicious web sites and gives you the ability to select virtual locations around the world.

    As users start using more public WiFi networks, they are more open to attacks. We want to protect our users by providing a solution to secure these connections. A Wifi network may be easily hacked and may provide access to hackers to steal your data and snoop what you're doing online. With Freedome, you are protected from these scenarios.


  • This is a big weakness from Freedome that i also experiencing. I dont know what country you live,but to solve this i switched country location from Sweden to Finland,and then Netflix works.


    Besides of low speed and sites being blocked like Netflix,this is something the Fsecure staff must  solve if they want to have continuous customers.

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