router checker test: The service is currently overloaded. Try again later.

Everytime I try the router checker test, the test says: Service is overloaded at the moment. Please try again later! If I change my DNS to then test Works.


Is there a sollution for this problem?





  • Ukko
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    I'm also only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    There are some examples of previous discussions about related subject:

    Currently, I'm also do receive "the service is currently overloaded" (but my experience is can be about multiple reasons of it). Also, I did not tried to change DNS server.

    For except own F-Secure side troubles -> maybe your normal DNS server configuration (router settings or ISP-design) with some limitations or even prevention against try to gather information and router check is rejected as result (not sure if it is likely situation).

    But possible to doublecheck suggestions from noted topics (any security solution does not block connection to F-Secure servers/service and possible to receive result of router check) - but if 'changing DNS to Google Public DNS' is fix (maybe there is something else).



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    I also have the same problem. Change your dns to google or opendns and you will get the result. Please see my question today.

    How many times you try , you will get the same overloaded message. Is it not a kind of  fake alert, that it is overloaded. The team could have coined other suitable messages like" your system does not allow"

    I changed the dns and it works.

    If you do not know , how to change the dns, just clcik change adapter settings, and click ipv4 and there, please select to use the following dns servers . There you could give and and you will be scanned for router checker results. If you change to opendns also , you get the result. On one hand they want your feedback, and on the other hand, they do not fix . This is a long time issue only known to the users of the tool

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