How to switch Freedome for iPhone to use another F-Secure customer account

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I would need to logout of the F-Secure account for Freedome and use another account. Uninstalling Freedome, removing the backup from iCloud and then rebooting the device still keeps the data of the account and states the product is expired when installed back. It does not help that this (I am sending this report with the "deceased" account) account has zero clients, so the device has been removed and "should" have been cleared now. Is not.


There seems to be no way to logout. Having bought the licence about a month ago, it seems to stay unused and my device without VPN. There must be some way to fix it?


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  • Laksh
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    Hi 0_sku,


    May I know if you have purchased Freedome from App store or is it a multi device subscription or is it a TOTAL subscription?


    Could you please elaborate from which account to which account are you mentioning to change the subscription?

  • 0_sku
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    It is a 7 device 12 month TOTAL subscription made trough F-Secure site.


    So there seems to be no way to logout the old account within the Freedome software for iOS. If a user could just logout the software when it is uninstalled, or if the software would release the phone to use any account (with new login) once the device is removed from the list of devices in the previous account. That should be expected behavior: you remove a device, then it has no licence, and new login would be needed. Instead you have to reset the phone? Nah, will change to competition and be done with Freedome.

  • 0_sku
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    The account was removed from F-Secure system over a phone call and the app still signs into the old account with iPhone after reinstalling the app, should I now still wait 9 days that the Apple system clears the data the same as if it would have been bought from the App Store?

  • TifaOng
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    Hey 0_sku,


    Thanks for marking my reply as a solution. You're the first person who marked my reply as a solution :)


    It seems you need to wait for 9 days, after the grace period has ended you'll see an option "Log In" in the Subscription page. 

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