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My old computer is dying and I am buying a new one.  Microsoft now encourages "migration programs" since they no longer do a transfer program.  Migration programs don't transfer security programs.  I am a 73 year old disabled vet, lost my hearing so can't do this by phone and I will not remember comments from the chat feature so hoping to get help here.  When I am ready to put F Secure Internet Security on my new desktop, where do I go to get the download and what is required for me to get F Secure working on the new computer?

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    I need to know where to go to get the download after I move to a new computer.  It was called Internet Security when I bought it, and I paid for many years into the future.  Is it now called F Secure SAFE?  I don't know what to download, or where to go to get the download.  I think I have the security key from the old Internet Security program

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    Thank you.  Is F-Secure SAFE the name of the product now?  When I bought it years ago I think it was called Internet Security, allows for virus scans, internet browsing etc.  There are several programs on the page you linked to

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    Hello @Jack


    F-secure Safe and F-secure Interent security are two different package. 


    F-Secure Safe is account based program where you can manage your licenses, devices and users through an easy to use online portal. It also supports on Windows, Iphone / Ipad , Android devices which is on 5.0 or later.


    F-Secure Internet Security only supports Windows platform.


    You can find more details about F-secure Security products in below article:



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    Thank you very much, I think I understand it now

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