Online scanner: "could not start the scan"

Hi, I've tried dowloading and running F-secure's online scanner, but it gives back the error message "could not start the scan" "Your currently installed F-secure product is outdated and incompatible with Online scanner. We recommend that you reinstall your F-secure product to get the latest version"


I've just installed this from the official website so it seems strange that It's out of date. I've tried reinstalling it, but that didn't help. There aren't any other F-secure products deoloaded onto this computer, so it can't be that one of those is out of date. (When I first start it, it also tells me that I have Items in quarantine but if I try to view them I get the same error message). 


Another computer is also having the same problem, so it must not just be something wrong with this particular one.


Thanks for any help!


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