Freedome does not work



for 3 weeks freedome doesnt connect.

i ve been to peru, to france and im now in canada.

i use ios 11.

it seems that it want to check my contract and after check to turn on but doesn’t.


once im connected , it block my connection.




  • Pavitra
    Pavitra Posts: 81 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Zavosse,


    Welcome to F-Secure Community !


    Could you provide me the following details for further checking on this issue?

    1. Do you see any error message? if yes, kindly send us a screenshot of the error message.

    2. Are you unable to connect to any location with Freedome?

    3. Could you explain more about 'to check my contract' - what does Freedome exactly refer to? kindly send us a screenshot of it.


    I would recommend you to uninstall and resinstall Freedome to check if the issue persists?


    There is an article here. Could you please review the settings and see if it helps you?


    Thank you



  • Zavosse
    Zavosse Posts: 2



    i did re install it 2 times.

    freedom is doing “verification ... “ for about one minute

    at the same time , the section subscription is doing an update.


    once freedome is “on” my internet access is blocked by freedome.

    i have to put it “off “ to have internet access


    i restarted my iPad, i reseted my network settings on my iPad.


    it doesnt work for 3 weeks since i traveled to peru and im now in canada.


    best regards

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hello Zavosse,


    May I know if you are having the same issue with no internet on any Wi-Fi or data network? Have you tried to connect to a different network and check if the issue persists?


    Do you have any other devices apart from the iPad? If yes, are they also having the same issue with Freedome?


    Please check this article to enable and configure the IPSec VPN Passthrough function on your router to see if it helps.


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