protection malfunction


hello, my F-Secure keeps coming up with "protection malfunction please restart your computer" yet everytime i do that the same thing happens over and over. can anyone help??


regards Scott


  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,634 Superuser



    I'm also only an F-Secure user.

    Just as potential startpoint:


    -> if you rightclick F-Secure tray picture and choose "Open Common Settings" under menu: does Updates list with all statuses as installed?

    Or there are some 'not installed' (or any other statuses) for some modules or entries?

    -> does "such notification" keeps coming up just recently? If yes -> does there are any changes with system or software?

    If no -> did you mean that "restart" is not useful at all(?); or it is useful, but only certain timeframe?



  • Kellyclan
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         thanks for the advice, i will have a look tonight when i get home from work.

    with regards to the restart not working when being prompted, the F secure front screen just keeps saying verifiying antivirus protection. i dont think this actually ever manages to verify as after a certain time that is when im promted to restart and my computer is not protected.

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