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Hi good day to you all ,

I wish to change my E Mail address from to my new one,  ( A S A P ) as soon has you can. thank you ,

all the best.

Kind Regaeds 

W  Bright-Bridge 


Ps send 17 June 2018 @ 3.36pm    E U time SPAIN. 


EDIT: Removed PII


  • Simon
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    Firstly, this is a public forum, so you shouldn't post personal data on here, for privacy and security reasons.


    Secondly, this is not a direct link to the F-Secure support team.  In order to change your account email address, you will need to contact them directly.  You can do this from the link below:


    Contact Support by Phone or Chat


    If you wish to change your forum email address, you will need to contact one of the forum Admin team, such as @Laksh or @Ben.

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