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Why do I keep getting e mails to tell me My F Secure safe and anti virus are turned off as when I check they are still on it happens at least once a month,bit worrying for me


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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Maybe good to know some points like:


    --- does it indeed 'mail letters' also? Or it is only notifications/prompts during system use?


    --- if it is prompt/notification - does it possible to understand "is it F-Secure own screen or built-in system notification"? For example, F-Secure own prompts with certain logo and certain style; while built-in system can be with 'expected system design' and by Windows Security Center (if it is Windows system, for example).


    Potential 'safe' reasons for such (likely for both types):


    -> maybe F-Secure received certain update/upgrade and goes to 'internal' restart. It should not be too often. But what if.

    Or any other reasons for 'reaction' by system own design.


    -> can be system overload. For example, high system resource usage by other software and F-Secure own (or system own) integrity checks and assurance that security software is "ON" goes be with delay or unexpected response-time and 'notification' is triggered. As temporary (some seconds?!) trouble and with your check - all OK (in fact) or F-Secure did not switch UI status (yet).


    Maybe it is good to add your OS (system/platform/build) and maybe to re-check what if it is possible to understand certain background of such situations. For example, since it is 'monthly' - maybe overload is based on Windows system updates (or so).

    Also, it is an option to create fsdiag:

    and then to contact F-Secure Support channel (chat as example):


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