F-secure is not updating


F-secure safe says all the time "Updating virus protection..." And it's not updating it 


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    Maybe it is good to know more information about.

    For example, some of next points:


    -- OS/platform (does it Windows or Mac?! And which one build/version of it).

    -- does it clean installation experience or your situation is about 'unexpected' switch to such state (while it was OK before certain timestamp).

    -- what is visible under "tray-picture rightclick -- open Common Settings -- list of updates" (If there is Windows platform). Does there are visible some 'not installed' entries?


    With my own understanding and experience -> such situation can be with broken installation.

    For example, partial removing/uninstalling some components. Or preventing updates by third-parties.

    So, does it possible to re-check about reinstallation F-Secure SAFE?

    For example, by steps like:


    - Uninstall F-Secure SAFE by common steps (system designed places);

    - Then restart system;

    - Then to run F-Secure Uninstallation Tool;

    - After restart: possible to login into your "My F-Secure Account" portal and to download fresh installer with bundled key for 'this device'. Launch installer and check what will be there.


    Good if you will back with feedback.



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