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since a few days my F-secure internet securtity is warning that my licence key is to expiration . F-Secure to this 45 days before expiration. Now since 10 days i get at eevery startup of the pc this "warning". Can i stop this messages ?




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    I believe you can only stop the messages by renewing the subscription. But, if you do this early, you will not lose any days, as the new subscription will run from the end of the old one.
  • For me it is uncomely and  obtrusive  advertising. Yes its good to inform the user that licence will "soon" end and that the user have enough time to order a new one (if he is happy with the product).  


    My ecperience with the product was good, but anyway i am thinking about should i try an other product, maybe for one free or the windows defender ? Now with this agressive remember my tendency goes to move to an other soultion. Every day more , i have to say at each from my 3 computer every day yes i know, please "Later" :-(


    I think there should be an option to "say" please remember in 10 days again , never ever or 3 days for ending licence.




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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    I think there should be an option to "say" please remember in 10 days again , never ever or 3 days for ending licence.

    I think that it is quite logical design. For example, postpone reminder for some days/weeks.


    Since it is clear reasonable view of reminder (it is good to receive notification with load system before expiration time and with enough time for availability to renew it); but it is anyway good to be with abilities to postpone prompt for some count of days (since it started before month of expiration) when renew is not an option for next days. So, not sure why it is not possible to tweak it currently.


    Difference with reminder startime (thirty or fourty five days; or so) based on purchase type (how it was explained with one of knowledgebase articles?!). Also, I'm not sure how autorenewal works (my experience is about 'manual renew').

    Also, I think that most critical point is 'when it is not important to use F-Secure' (or do not want to use F-Secure later).

    So, it is not an option to renew it (even if subscription-time will be extended only).


    While if you want to use F-Secure -> I'm not sure that it is too much critical to postpone reminder (when you do not want to renew it today) with load system. For example, my experience about such view and yes.. it is pretty strange to do more steps than expected -> but it is not an advertisement. It is reminder.


    For example, I feel that if with each load system (not only month and with options to retrieve it) -> for example, browser window will appear -> it will be pretty strange for me.. and unwanted. But, OK.. maybe it is useful (possible to start surf from first; but if I do not want -> so, close window).

    Another example is potential 'trial' software. So, you use it as not premium version -> but each launch of system it will suggest to use their perfect discount promo and upgrade your version to premium state. So, yes, it will be really unwanted advertisements (each time with load system; daily during not premium state). It is not really like reminder.


    But I still think that ability to postpone F-Secure Renewal Reminder for some days/weeks (when we received such reminder and situation is clear for us -> and when we do able to think that it is suitable to postpone renew action for some days).

    Or, for example, to place inactive reminder under 'Action Center' until some of recent days; or with some of temporary notifications/flyers/toasts - so, it is visible and possible to read; but it is not need to close it manually); And then to show reminder screen when there is week?! before expiration (or so) as it currently.


    In addition, I'm not sure that such reminder is reason to switch solution. If there was thoughts to try some other solutions (or so) -> yes,  it is possible to try.

    If there was thoughts to renew F-Secure (and it is enjoy to use F-Secure) -> not sure why reminder will break it.

    My current experience is about daily renew-reminder (before month of expiration) with load system; Then two mail-letters (before month; and before fifteen days) with disclaimer and reminder-notification.

    There is probably week(?!) before expiration. Even I feel that it is good to 'postpone' reminder globally (for some days/weeks) it was not really trouble (because it was expected and known design for me).


    Also, you are able to vote next actual feature request:


    Also, there was such unclear feature request:



    Maybe it will be considered by F-Secure Teams.



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