Adding another Device


Having solved the problem of logging in to F-Secure (Apparently a temporary Error) I now find I cannot add another device.


1. I have sent an email to another device.

2. I opened the email.

3. Clicked on Start Now

4. F-Secure Login pops up.

5. What do I do next

a. Put in my login details, but then how do I add F-Secure to the device I'm now on!


b. Register the email I sent the details to and login into F-Secure. But then this would be a new account surely!


Would have thought that there would have been some sort of password/pin number generated to add new device.


Any help help much appreciated.










  • Malda57
    Malda57 Posts: 4 Observer
    Thank you Ukko. Your explanation was spot on and I have now been able to add F-Secure to another device.
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