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Having solved the problem of logging in to F-Secure (Apparently a temporary Error) I now find I cannot add another device.


1. I have sent an email to another device.

2. I opened the email.

3. Clicked on Start Now

4. F-Secure Login pops up.

5. What do I do next

a. Put in my login details, but then how do I add F-Secure to the device I'm now on!


b. Register the email I sent the details to and login into F-Secure. But then this would be a new account surely!


Would have thought that there would have been some sort of password/pin number generated to add new device.


Any help help much appreciated.










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    The answer depends on your requirements.

    Does it your own another device? Or does it another device (like your friend or so)?

    Also, does another device is Windows (Mac) or Android (iOS)?


    Additionally, sounds that maybe your experience about "Add device -> Someone else's device (I want to share SAFE with a family member or friend)". If so -> such option will trigger 'freshly' created account to added mail-address.

    If not and there was "Add device -> My device -> Another computer (Windows | Mac)". Such option will trigger mail-letter with button-URL to installer pages. When you download installer -> then it may ask for login into portal during installation. For retrieve licence-information.


    So, about your certain experience ask:


    -> If it is your own another device. And if it is Windows platform (or maybe Mac-platform too). There was possible to skip 'mail to another device'. // later added: with additional meanings -> there is access to this 'anoter device'. Since -> installation should be triggered by someone.


    But anyway with current state:


    Put in your login credentials; Then under My F-Secure Account portal -> "Add Device" - "This device".

    Expected that such steps are performed on 'another device'.


    And, generally, with any of own devices -> possible to repeat such steps. For installing on this device.


    Would have thought that there would have been some sort of password/pin number generated to add new device.

    Indeed such view is potentially good! And maybe valid for mobile devices where we have to receive 'mail-letter with guide to Application installation page -> install application -> login to My F-Secure Account portal under application'.



    In general, device is added to your F-Secure SAFE account (or device will take licence in use) only when installation is triggered. So, it is required to download installer (or to perform installation) and launch it. Expected that you are with abilities to use such devices directly. And where it is not an option -> there is functionality to add 'someone' to your subscription-circle (then 'someone' with abilities to handle 'your licence' under his own subscription-account); Otherwise -> another meanings of "add another device" is a letter with page where possible to download/get installers.


    Sorry for my worst explanation and worst English. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions). So, if some of my suggestions are not valid or not clear -> it is always possible to re-ask.

    Also, F-Secure own Knowledgebase article with topics about some useful activities:[email protected]





  • Thank you Ukko. Your explanation was spot on and I have now been able to add F-Secure to another device.
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