F-Secure loaded but no protection

Put in new key and downloaded F-Secure to my IMac but  have no F-Secure protection even though it says the instillation is installed. What has gone wrong?


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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions). And I'm not friendly with Mac-platform.


    But just as potential suggestion:


    There was some known troubles like these ones:

    But maybe it should be fixed already; And if not -> maybe good to re-check such meanings.


    If there is something else -> maybe good to add more information:

    - "no F-Secure protection" is system notification? Or own F-Secure prompt? Or how it visible that F-Secure with troubles (!?).

    -  does it works before your fresh key (?) and potential reinstallation? Or it is clean installation?



  • Hi thanks for your reply and help. However these solutions did not work☹️ This problem happens every time I renew my license. When the application was loaded it said that I have a license for 3 items. Now it says I have none left now. It still says oops error something has gone wrong and you’re computer is not protected. I have tried the chat room but there is never anyone there to get help.

    The last time this happened F-Secure had to take over my computer to fix this problem.

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    But just as clarification:


    -> does it F-Secure SAFE?

    or maybe "F-Secure AV for Mac" (where you do not use any of things like "My F-Secure Account"-portal)?

    or another solution like F-Secure Freedome (but if so - should not be words about "protection" maybe).



  • Hi,

    Thanks for your help again. 

    My IMac now says I have no licence. I have now given up. 😤

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    @Snowy18 wrote:


    Thanks for your help again. 

    My IMac now says I have no licence. I have now given up. 😤

    So, maybe it will be useful to contact their direct Support Channels (chat as example):


    when chat is available -> most likely that Support Agents with abilities to provide remote help (if needed).


    As my own unofficial temporary suggestion:

    -> If it is F-Secure SAFE: should be possible to login into your "My F-Secure Account";

    And then handle 'unused' licenced (or release them).

    -> If it is F-Secure AV for Mac: maybe it should be with 'release'-functionality. Like if it will ask you that "all licences in use -> maybe it is good to re-use some of them?!" or so.


    OR did you mean that -> installation does not recognize/allow your activation-key (licence)?

    If so -> maybe your experience indeed about "F-Secure AV for Mac" and maybe with certain MacOS.

    There was such topic:



    Maybe good to re-check "system requirements" for your solution and your system information.

    Or maybe your experience about another solution (F-Secure Freedome VPN, for example).


    Sorry for my worst help.



  • Thanks for all your help🙂
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    Hi @Snowy18,


    Were you able to get in touch with our support team? Or were you able to resolve the issue through Ukko's steps?


    Could you please let us know which F-Secure product are you referring here? Is it SAFE or Freedome?


  • Hi,

    It is f-secure safe. Yes I finally managed to chat to someone who was very helpful. However what he had advised me to do what I had already done.

    I managed to fix the problem myself. I took the application off of my IMac and put it in the bin. I then retrieve it from the bin. I then downloaded  the program back onto my  IMac. I now have protection for my IMac, IPad and 1 left which I will use for my iPhone. 

    I have used f-secure for many years. When I had a laptop and had windows I never had problems renewing f-secure. But since changing to a IMac I always have problems renewing f-secure. Why is this? It would also be helpful if there was an email address to email for support when you can’t get to chat with someone . It took many days to be able to chat with someone.

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