uninstalling F-secure IS: safe mode / removal tool necessary?


I'm currently running the latest version of F-Secure Internet Security on one

of my  laptops with win 8.1. I have no problems with this installation: everything

is running fine. I want to remove this installation of F-Secure and use it on my

brand new convertible (Lenovo Yoga).


My questions are:


A) In order to remove f-secure: is it necessary to boot the laptop into

Safe Mode and then start the uninstallation process via the

control panel-> uninstall programs?


I found some posts/threads on the internet/on some forums: they

recommened booting the machine in safe mode before starting the

uninstallation process via the  control panel -> uninstal programs....


B) Is it also necessary to run the removal tool after the regular

uninstallation process (via control panel -> uninstal programs) has finished

successfully ?


C) is it necessary to boot the laptop into Safe Mode before running the removal tool?



Thanks a lot !

greets from germany !




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  • VilleVille Posts: 494 F-Secure Employee
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    Hi @NRG1XX


    Safe Mode is not required or even recommended for uninstalling the product. While uninstallation also works in Safe Mode, it will not release the license in this mode. The same thing using Uninstallation Tool. Uninstallation should be done in normal mode from "Programs and Features" entry. Only if there is some problem you need to consider Uninstallation Tool or Safe Mode.


    Unreleased license is not a problem in itself, you will just see that a license is taken and not free in the list of licenses. If you install the product to a new computer when all licenses are in use, you can move a used license to that computer. The mechanism automatically moves the license that is not actively used.



    (F-Secure R&D)




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