uninstalling F-secure IS: safe mode / removal tool necessary?


I'm currently running the latest version of F-Secure Internet Security on one

of my  laptops with win 8.1. I have no problems with this installation: everything

is running fine. I want to remove this installation of F-Secure and use it on my

brand new convertible (Lenovo Yoga).


My questions are:


A) In order to remove f-secure: is it necessary to boot the laptop into

Safe Mode and then start the uninstallation process via the

control panel-> uninstall programs?


I found some posts/threads on the internet/on some forums: they

recommened booting the machine in safe mode before starting the

uninstallation process via the  control panel -> uninstal programs....


B) Is it also necessary to run the removal tool after the regular

uninstallation process (via control panel -> uninstal programs) has finished

successfully ?


C) is it necessary to boot the laptop into Safe Mode before running the removal tool?



Thanks a lot !

greets from germany !




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