Freedome won't reconnect after computer wakes



Freedome has no problem connecting to its servers after the PC boots, but if the PC comes awake from sleep, it will sit there attempting and failing to connect to its servers.  I'm running Window 10.


This problem occurred in November 2017.  F-Secure pointed me to their uninstallation tool (instead of using the default Windows uninstall).  They suggested I completely uninstall Freedome, restart, and perform a fresh re-install.  That worked for two months, but now the problem is happening again.  I did the same thing (complete uninstall with the tool, restart, fresh resintall), but the problem persists.  Freedome can connect to its servers if the PC is rebooted, but not if it is awoken from sleep.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Tom



  • This happened to me too. I booted my Windows 7 Professional and now I'm unable to start Freedome. The protection is off even it's supposed to start automatically. Nothing happens when I click the protection button.

  • Laksh
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    Hi Tom2018 and JVirtanen,


    Have you tried to manually connect after Freedome fails the connection (after waking up from sleep)? Does it connect?

    Have you tried to change a location and see if it works?


    What is the version of Freedome installed on your device?




  • Connecting manually doesn't work. Changing locations doesn't help. My Freedome version is 2.6.4914.0.

  • Laksh
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    Hi JVirtanen,


    May I suggest to contact our support team along with the logs in order to investigate this further? You seem to be having the recent installer versions and the issue is persisting. Kindly provide the logs to troubleshoot further.


  • Removing Freedome with the uninstallation tool and reinstallment cured the problem. I hope this is a permanent fix.

  • Hello,


    When this problem is occurring, a manual reconnect or location change does not resolve the problem.

    I have the latest version (having just uninstalled and reinstalled from the Freedome site): 2.6.4914.0.


    However, for whatever reason, the service is working again for now, so I will not be sending logs to customer service.  If it happens again, I'll do so.

    Thanks, Tom

  • Fsc123
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    Have you edited your hosts file? In my case the problem was related to a large hosts file and DNS. Seems a large hosts file (50k entries to block ads) started confusing Windows DNS and Freedome kept waiting for DNS for several minutes. I also noticed "DNS cache timeout" errors in Windows logs.


    Solution was to restore the Windows default hosts file (after which Freedome connection was established in 10 seconds or so).


    The hosts file is located at:


  • I had to boot my computer for Windows updates. Freedome stopped working again: no auto start and start button unresponsive.

  • Mine has now stopped working again, too.  Freedome updated itself, and when it was done, it was set to "Off."  I clicked "On" and it just sits there spinning trying to connect.  Seems kind of idiotic to patch to the latest version, then have to uninstall/reinstall to get it working again.  I'm getting to the point where I might find another VPN, which is a shame, because I had been enjoying the performance of Freedome until recently.  My subscription is up in April, so I'm going to look at the competition.  Anyone have any suggestions for alternatives?

  • PS
    I have the email from my last support ticket, but the case is closed, so it won't accept new email.  Under "Support" there is chat (unavailable) and phone (unavailable) but no email.  I did run the diagnostic tool and save the log file, but have no way to give it to anyone at F-Secure.  I suppose I will have to try to contact them at some point when they are open, even if that's when I'm at work.  The whole thing is becoming increasingly frustrating. 

  • Laksh
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    Hi @Tom2018,


    I have now escalated your case to our support team. One of our support agents will get in touch with you for further communication. Kindly mention your old case number so that they can also get the details from there.

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