How to disable time limit die Safe browser

Does anybody know : How to disable time limit for Safe browser?




  • Ukko
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    Most likely that there is only global time limits for most of applications.

    It should be possible to re-change it with next steps:


    ->>  log-in to your My F-Secure Account portal ( );

    ->> find your installation/device and choose it (should be visible button "Parental Control" or "Family Rules" or something like this);

    ->> with configuration tabs for Parental Control should be visible three tabs:

    - App Control;

    - Time Limits;

    - Content Blocker;


    Possible to exclude Safe Browser (?! MAYBE) under App Control tab from 'restricted time usage' to always allow. IF App Control in use.

    OR possible to configure time limits (re-change count of it or disable limits at all). If required to allow only Safe Browser (or some other applications) as exclusion for time limits -> good to turn on App Control feature and create certain rules for installed applications like "always allow" (and what should be default option for freshly installed applications).



  • Kaernth
    Kaernth Posts: 2 New Member

    Thanks for replying. 

    There ist a global time limt. But I can't see, how to set an individual time limit per app. And furthermore the safe browser app does not appear in the app list. Because aof that I can not set safe browser to always allow.



  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,611 Superuser



    Yes, indeed Safe Browser is not listed; Smiley Sad

    and not possible to set up certain time for certain application.


    I'm not sure about designed view or reason for this -> but maybe good to receive any official clarifications or possible to contact their direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat as example):

    Just as potential ask for clarification or available workarounds. Or maybe this is not expected situation about 'missing' ability to handle Safe Browser.



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