Cannot renew

keep getting message to renew but system won't let me.


  • Ukko
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    Maybe good to add more information:


    -> does it Windows, Mac or Android?

    -> what happened after choose "Renew"-button (or something like this)?

    -> OR did you renew AND then installation still show the renew prompt?



  • PATMc
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    This is all I get when I try to renew.  I am on Windows 10 and trying to renew on PC.


    Your subscription renewal was successful
    You have already renewed your subscription for another billing cycle. Your subscription will expire on 08/01/2018. Prior to this date, you will receive an email reminding you of the upcoming need to manually renew your subscription for another billing cycle.
    Back to My F-Secure


    As you see my cover expires today.


  • Ukko
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    Sounds as something wrong. Just as clarification: I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    And maybe good to contact their direct Support Channels (chat or phone):

    because F-Secure Support Agents should be with abilities to handle your subscription information and will create proper official advices.


    Like my own unofficial suggestion:


    ->> so, your installation (Windows 10) triggered prompt under Action Center with notification about "expiration" and with buttons like "Renew" (or something like this). Then it's redirect to My F-Secure Account Portal or any other pages where possible to see your quote?


    ->> or such quote after manual try to renew your subscription?

    For example, what will be if you log-in to your My F-Secure Account portal ( ) and choose button "Renew" there (or under tab "orders and payments")? Does your quote happened with such steps?


    Also, under community was some of topics and replies with such trouble-view. Maybe it should be known trouble or limitation. So, most likely F-Secure Support channels are useful step anyway.

    Except potential meanings that your subscription indeed renewed already; then your current subscription is expired today and another billing cycle will start. But it should be too much strange wording and confuse-meanings. And maybe there is just something with troubles to proceed your renewal-process (based?! on something).


    // later added; some of topics with related concern (and unknown sort-steps):


  • PATMc
    PATMc Posts: 3 New Member

    Contacted cutomer suport, they had no problem.  Very anoying to get messages about renewing 5-6 times a day and not being able to do it.


    All OK now.

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