Each time I install the Sky News and Simply Learn Tagalog apps on my Samsung S6 mobile phone I get a warning from F-Secure to uninstall because of a problem detected SPR/ANDR.Inmobi.C.Gen


I can't believe Sky News would contain a virus or even Simply Learn Tagalog who I contacted when the warning first appeared, it must be over a year ago but heard nothing in return other than they would look into it.


My other security software on other devices do not see these appa as a problem, any help would be appreciated.  Many thanks.

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    Possible to transfer it directly to F-Secure Labs:



    with steps what discussed there.

    as my own feelings. it's maybe not a " virus "-detection.

    Based on detection-name it's can be something like:

    --> SPR-application ("Security or Privacy Risk");

    --> Android-platform;

    --> InMobi as potential third-party component (advertisement, tracking or something else);

    --> Generic detection based on generic meanings.


    So, it's can be false positive with this certain applications. Or maybe not (with certain reasons).


    Good to receive any official feedback from F-Secure Labs. I'm not sure if this type of applications can be marked as PUA/PUP. But if so -> F-Secure Labs with certain policy about PUA/PUPs:






  • Thank you for your assistance and sorry for the delay replying.  I will take your advice and contact f-secure directly.

  • Not really anywhere there to submit a query for an Android App.  Its not a file as such nor a website as its an App.  I'm really becoming disillusioned with F-Secure, it seems far too aggresive as stopping what I think it misidentifies as threats.  I've completely stopped using the Safe Browser on my Android as it throws up warning for virtually every site one visits.

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    It should be possible to do with with some steps what discussed there.

    For example, what I did for some of Android applications:

    ->> https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/labs_global/submit-a-sample#sample-url

    ->> URL to Google Play Store page;

    ->> With options about false positive (like "I want to give more details about this sample and to be notified of the analysis results" and then related categories).

    ->> Main description (Description-field) about full meanings. All available for you information -> where is detected and how detected (and so on). Like this topic.

    ->> Then when F-Secure Labs will create response -> possible to re-ask (if response about something else) OR result will be about main concern (if all OK).


     I've completely stopped using the Safe Browser on my Android as it throws up warning for virtually every site one visits.

    With my own experience such situation can be with timeframes when Network Connection is disabled.


    F-Secure Safe Browser with troubles to get 'security ratings/reputation' from F-Secure Security Cloud and will block (?!) page as harmful(?!)-rated.


    With my own experience -> possible to re-sure that Network Connection is OK. And then restart/reload/refresh page should be enough. I asked about such situation multiple times -> but there is still this design.


    I'm not sure that this is about your experience (but potentially sounds like this). OR certain hit with intended harmful-rated websites (where can be false positive too).



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