I can't add my other e-mail to my group...

When i tries to add my other e-mail - shows that my e-mail belongs to other group... So how i have to left that stupid group, if that pedik by he self took trial licensse

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    @FckThisShlt wrote:

    So how can i out from trial circle?



    Just as clarification -> I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions) and did not check it recently. Also (most likely) it should be covered with their Knowledgebase or with Online Help Documentation.


    As my own potential feelings:


    --> Required to be sure that mail-address indeed used as 'invited'-account under certain 'cirlce' (MAYBE with trial-time ?! even it should not be trial-time with such view. because it should be with subscription time of 'main'-account); If it was activated (at least).


    --> Then you login to this 'invitied' account (under My F-Secure Account portal).

    Choose your 'circle' (your name/available account) and should be visible something as "Leave this circle".


    --> If someone registered account with your mail-address (and do not invite you and you do not accept it) -> ?! unclear steps to leave circle (as it's not part of 'circle'). But it should not be a trouble - because you are able to use this account yourself.

    With another potential steps:  https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/contact-support

    Chat as example; where Support Agents with abilities to clarify status of mail-address and perform some changes;


    Do you able to clarify certain trouble (maybe I understand it wrongly)? With points like:

    -- what do you try to do;

    -- and why it's not possible to do.


    Maybe will be possible to create workaround or proper suggestions.





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    If mail-address already 'in use' with 'My F-Secure Account' (by own account; or invited by another user) -> maybe only 'deactivation' account (not likely) or 'quit from another group/cirlce' will be an option; Except next workaround:


    So, if your experience about gmail or hotmail - possible to use aliases.

    Do you need advices/tips about direct steps to use it?


    // by the way -> if you meant that someone created account with your mail-address... so, good to contact F-Secure Support Channels directly (chat/phone):

    Most likely that Support Agents with abilities to provide investigation/help.

    // but not sure that it's needed -> because you're able to use "forgot password" and restore credentials to your account (then 'exit' from group). If it's someone's else mail-address -> maybe possible to ask him about.



  • So how can i out from trial circle?

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