I can't add my other e-mail to my group...


When i tries to add my other e-mail - shows that my e-mail belongs to other group... So how i have to left that stupid group, if that pedik by he self took trial licensse


  • Ukko
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    If mail-address already 'in use' with 'My F-Secure Account' (by own account; or invited by another user) -> maybe only 'deactivation' account (not likely) or 'quit from another group/cirlce' will be an option; Except next workaround:


    So, if your experience about gmail or hotmail - possible to use aliases.

    Do you need advices/tips about direct steps to use it?


    // by the way -> if you meant that someone created account with your mail-address... so, good to contact F-Secure Support Channels directly (chat/phone):

    Most likely that Support Agents with abilities to provide investigation/help.

    // but not sure that it's needed -> because you're able to use "forgot password" and restore credentials to your account (then 'exit' from group). If it's someone's else mail-address -> maybe possible to ask him about.



  • FckThisShlt
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    So how can i out from trial circle?

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