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at the moment I've installend f-secure internet security on my Windows 7 PC. Now I have to extend the licence in a few days. In my new account I have a new f-secure SAFE licence for 5 drives.


How can I extend my license for f-secure internet security without re-installing? I've haven't found a licence number? How can I generate a licence number?


If I need to install f-secure SAFE: Do I need to uninstall f-secure internet security first?


Thanks for your help.


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    F-Secure Internet Security and F-Secure SAFE are two different solutions with different subscriptions.




    --> extend your current license-subscription should be possible by renew it.

    For example, some knowledgebase articles about F-Secure Internet Security:


    Potentially it should be possible to add 'license key' to your subscription. Maybe when license key is expired -> it removed from your subscription. Then should be possible to renew/add fresh license key OR will be activation for previously added license-key (with still valid date).

    Not sure that possible to generate a licence number (key) except using any key-generators or other tricks. MOST LIKELY it possible to do with designed view by asking direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat/phone). Usually reinstallation is not required.


    --> If you do want to install F-Secure SAFE -> required to uninstall F-Secure IS firstly.

    Possible to do it by own steps... or F-Secure SAFE installing-flow MAYBE with sidegrade/autoremoval for previous solution.

    Then required to be with valid subscription for F-Secure SAFE (or trial time). With meanings that subscription/license-keys for F-Secure IS is not valid for F-Secure SAFE (with common view).


    Do you able to clarify - if I understand your ask wrongly (?) or does required any other suggestions?



  • vmac
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    Thanks a lot. I think the easest way is to uninstall f-secure internet security and then to install f-secure SAFE.

    Probably I will ask the support team on monday if I can generate a key for internet security with my SAFE license.

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    Basically, F-Secure SAFE is 'F-Secure Internet Security' for desktops.

    With some changes for some features; And also with another 'design' of handling subscriptions/licences.


    If main concern is 'save' your settings (like exclusion-lists for websites) -> so maybe possible to ask Support about workarounds (their chat is available with weekends time to time; with some hours).

    But if there is already active/available F-Secure SAFE subscription -> more reasonable to install F-Secure SAFE than 'keep' F-Secure IS with your system. Except if your situation with requrementes about any cancel/refund-meanings.


    And, yes, uninstall F-Secure IS by own steps and then install F-Secure SAFE is most valid design.

    Some advices under F-Secure Knowledgebase about installing F-Secure SAFE:



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