TOTAL suddenly claims all licenses experied


I have F-Secure Total license, about 600 days left, for 5 devices. SAFE has been installed on several PC's. Today all of them tell me that the license expired or is no longer active. I changed nothing. On my Mac I had to re-activate the license, and it appeared as new device in the online SAFE portal. On my Windows PC it keeps telling me there is no license. Clicking on "renew" it takes me to the SAFE portal online, where it shows I have some 600 days left on the license. Yet the windows app keeps telling me I do not have a license. I cannot find a  way to activate it on the PC, it just keeps telling me to renew. This was working fine on both devices until yesterday.


Similarly, I tried to install Freedome on new devices. How am I supposed to do that? It does not accept my login (SAFE portal credentials) after installing it from the app store on iOS.


Really poor customer experience here. And having support only available 8-18 is pretty poor effort for those who have job. You need global support anyway, so why not just redirect there or whatever.



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    Available such URL:

    where chat can be available with unexpected time for some of local websites.


    But.. does your experience only about F-Secure Total account? Or about F-Secure SAFE too?

    For example, I'm not sure why all of devices start be marked as 'expired', but does it possible to check steps like:


    --> Login to your F-Secure Total account (under My F-Secure Account) and choose fresh installers with 'bundled' license-activation key in installer-name.

    --> Run this installer under device with expired state. Does it renew/re-fix expired installation state?

    If such step is not possible -> maybe should be possible to perform reinstallation.


    Most likely required to manually remove listed 'stuck' devices from portal.


    --> Freedome not possible to install only under iOS device? If yes -> maybe anyway good to contact Support. If not -> maybe good to re-check that there is indeed valid credentials for My F-Secure Account portal (as part of F-Secure Total).

    Not sure about reasons for such 'expiration' - but it should be possible to see something with fsdiag:

    What can be useful during talk with F-Secure Support Channels.



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