Update from Freedome v1.2 to 2.4 does not work - installing does not work on Windows v1709

ballege Posts: 16 Explorer

I updated from Freedome v1.2 to v2..45.68.0

It does not work

Uninstalling Freedome and installing Freedome does not work on Windows v1709

I currently have 10 Freedome TAP drivers after a clean install!!! (see picture below)


I cannot connect to any country and all Freedome reports back is "Error, Something went wrong, our apologies" (see picture below in Dutch)

According to Cleverbridge FAQ i cannot even get a refund for the months remaining in my subscription

That is unfair


Knipsel2.JPGI will not be providing an fsdiag file. I am
uncomfortable with the amount of data it collects


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    Hi ballege,


    There is an article here about the similar error message here. Could you please review the steps and see if it helps you?


    If you are still having the issue, I would recommend contacting our support team here to investigate it further.


    May I know when did you purchase your Freedome subscription and from where? If it is within the 30 days of purchase from our F-Secure website, we can provide the refund as mentioned in this article.

  • ballege
    ballege Posts: 16 Explorer


    was able to fix the Freedome TAP issue

    However still some licensing issues

    1) still not happy with the refund within first 30 days policy - I am not eligible...

    2) multiple installation attempts spent on installing the new Freedome v2.4 messed up my subscription AGAIN:

    I am entitled to 3 devices (usually 2 Android, 1 Windows), but even transferring code/license to devices does not work for me this time

    One device is always without a license (with following "no longer valid" message in Dutch)

    Knipsel3.JPGPlease fix this. I am entitled to 3 devices until Feb'18

    Last remark:

    why doesn't F-secure Freedome use a 3 "simultaneous devices" policy?

    I don't understand. ..

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