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I'm getting this error message:"Your encrypted VPN connection cannot be created because of issues with network configuration (netsh.exe fails). Please check that you have IPv6 traffic enabled."
when I click the freedome on button.


My OS is win 7 and I tried both of these (thought even if win 10 it might work) and neither did.


When I tried to do this one part C doesn't show up instead I'm prompted to allow program to make changes to computer. Should I allow changes?

There seems to be a problem with some Windows versions regarding IPv6. Your Windows network properties may show IPv6 enabled, but in reality, it is still in a disabled state for some reason. To fix this, edit the Windows Registry with the standard Windows registry editor REGEDIT.EXE: a. Click the Start button.
b. In the search box, type in regedit.exe, and press Enter.
c. Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\TCPIP6\Parameters.
d. If it has DisabledComponents of type DWORD and value ff, then your TCPIP6 is disabled. Change value to 0 to enable IPv6.
e. After changing this, reboot the computer for the setting to take effect.


or any other ideas?? Thanks!


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    There was topic with unofficial workaround-suggestion (as total try to reset settings):


    But good to know some points:


    --> Does Freedome works before (with this device)? There can be some other troubles (in fact) and such notification just as generic one.

    --> Did you mean that next registry-path:


    with this item "DisabledComponents" and values like "ff" -> if, yes, maybe it may ask to 'allow changes' during editing it (but probably it should ask before opening regedit).


    Maybe good to contact direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat as example):

    Support Agents with abilities to perform certified remote help (if required).



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    This netsh.exe is situated

    It is fine, that you can use regedit!
    I tested above mentioned values in Win 7. It is easy to change values.
    And back. But I don't know, how does it work with Freedome.

    Good luck!
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