Manual scan freezes

When I do a manual scan, the computer freezes (mouse and keyboard unresponsive) at about 25% of scan. I need to switch off and re-boot. I have de-registered, uninstalled and re-installed. The freeze happens if I switch off Deep Guard and scanning of compressed files. It also freezes when I run the on-line scanner from the web site. A Malwarebytes scan completed successfully with no major issues. Any suggestions?


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    With one of technology preview release-notes was some information about incompatibility with ASUS AI Suite 3;

    Just as random ask - does your experience can be about such certain known trouble?


    If no -> maybe good to know points like:


    - System OS / platform;

    - does can be any other security solutions or software with potential reasons for such view?

    - does it happened about certain visible file/item (during scan);

    - by manual scan -> did you mean "Virus scan" from UI and/or Full Scan? And not any of manual scans (like by context-scan: rightclick for file/folder). And maybe does it switch step between memory scan (as scanned items was with 'pid').


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    Thanks for responding. I am on a PC with Windows 10 - the build before the Anniversary Update but with all recent updates applied. I was scanning from the UI, not the full scan. (Not sure how to do that.) The freeze does not appear to be on one particular file - it is a different file name each time but I think all were labelled pid (just done another - stopped at SpeechRuntime.exe [pid: 7332]

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    Thanks for your answer. Just because - I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions) - my suggestions can be only as unofficial ones.


    I able to place next points and feelings:


    --> Maybe there is indeed some kind of trouble with F-Secure (recent builds). Because F-Secure Community with some of topics about such concern (after switch to Ultralight-design of F-Secure stable solutions):

    With my own systems - I did not meet this 'freezes' as global impact to system (except small delay between Memory Scan and Filesystem scan - ?! or something like this);

    So, I'm not sure what can be a reason (except that it should be possible to investigate).

    And maybe possible to create fsdiag and then to contact direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat as example):

    Maybe good to re-check that there is not a temporary (!?) freeze. How long it possible to see (?!) - what if it thirty minutes/hour of freeze (?!). Like overload.


    Also trouble should be valid for "Full Scan" too (possible to trigger it by -> Main UI : Tools-tab : Scan Settings-item as first of them : "Full Scan"-entry/option). If not - strange.


    As it was noted with previous my reply (about potential compatibility troubles with "ASUS AI Suite 3") -> maybe good to look for some potential applications (running at background!?). What if some of them possible to 'disable'/turn off temporary and check if it can be helpful. If not -> good to receive official F-Secure attention. Maybe it will be with workhours/days. Or as part of experience with direct F-Secure Support channels.


    Sorry for long reply.




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