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Can you please tell me where do I enter license key for renewing the subscription?



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    This design can be with difference between solutions.

    Does your experience about F-Secure AV/IS or F-Secure SAFE; F-Secure Freedome; F-Secure Key? or something else?


    Maybe can be useful to find some information with Knowledgebase about your solution:

    Usually renewal-process articles should be available for certain solution's KB.



  • I'm askingg about F-secure License key. We have renewed subscription and now we have to enter new renewal key in server console so that our licences are valid, bud I don't see where (last year button was visible, but now i can't find it).


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    One more question:

    What is the application?

    Name it.

    Is it F-Secure's Home solution or on Business side?

    You mentioned:"server console" > so is your application some of F-Secure's business solution?

    KEY is one of many F-Secure's program. This is to clarify the meaning of word Key.

    Or is it talking about licence code?






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    Just as addition to previous good reply (and as potential suggestion for common meanings):


    --> if it will be with troubles to find tips with noted KB-articles or Online Documentation:

    Should be useful to ask direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat or phone for Home-solution; chat/phone or ticket-request for Business-solution) for certified advice:


    Also maybe can be helpful to search community about related concern. For example, based on words 'we/server/console' - maybe it was indeed about certain Business solution (or as part of Provider/Partner/Operator's abilities); And with such situation -> possible to use next board:

    If there is something as F-Secure SAFE (and console/server-words can be about My F-Secure Account portal) -> previously it was noted that ability to renew (as button/place) can be visible only with certain count of days before expiration.


    But for proper advice - good to known certain name of F-Secure solution ('in use'). And maybe version of it.


    Sorry for my over-the-reply.



  • Thank you for your help.

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