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can you please cancel the auto renew on my account? Ref is xxxx. Thank you. 

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    Appreciate the detailed information, freakuno! This helps me to understand your license information and how to proceed next.


    Based on your information, you have purchased our multi device subscription of Freedome and not the App store subscription. Freedome Multi device subscription won't be auto renewed so you don't have to worry about the subscription auto renewing. Once your multi device subscription expires, you won't be automatically renewed.



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    Hi freakuno,


    May I know if you purchased Freedome from the App store or from us directly? If it is from the App store, kindly check the steps here for cancelling your App store Freedome subscription.


  • It was from an re-seller for Android devices. Note - I still want to use Freedome for the remainder that I have paid 12 mths sub for. I just want the auto renew option taken off. Thanks

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    Hi freakuno,


    Kindly get in touch with the reseller to know more about your purchase option (if it was from App store) to cancel the auto-renewal.

  • I did that but they said they could not alter subscription and to contact F-Secure. Is there an email address and I can forward to you the details. Very frustrating and going round in circles here. 

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    Hi freakuno,


    Did the reseller provide you the information about the type of subscription they installed for Freedome - is it App store or purchased from F-Secure directly? It is good to know that from them as they are the ones who installed it on your device (in order to guide you in the right direction).


    If you are still stuck with knowing the license you have, kindly get in touch with our support team via chat or phone here to troubleshoot further.


  • The sub was purchased via the downloaded google app to our device. When the trial ran out we were directed to the F-Secure site directly from the app. We paid £39.99 via credit card for subscription for 12 months on 3 devices. The order was processed and we received the activation code from a company called Cleveridge. The order was made directly through the Google Android App. We have contacted Cleveridge but they have said to contact you. Is there a way to contact somebody by email? I am out of the country on business for a substantial period of time and want this resolved as I do not want to incur another payment in 12 mths. I have looked on my Google App Store Account and there is nothing appearing under subscriptions for me to cancel. For something so simple this is turning into a complete run around. I am not able to telephone any support or help lines due to being out of the country. Thank you. 

  • Fantastic. Thank you.
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    You're most welcome! Glad to help you with the resolution.

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