F Safe stopped working on both computers

Today  I went do internet banking and i noticed safe banking mode did not kick in. I went to the desktop icon and F Safe will not function. I checked the other laptop it had thesame problem. I did a scan from the website all seems ok but the programme will not start as it did. That is to say there is no evidece to show its working. Anyone else got this problem



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    Some hours how there was topic with many 'related' meanings from your description:



    User's sort steps was time and 'some' restarts system. Maybe it was update/upgrade for some of F-Secure modules.


    How long such stuck with your experience? And did you try to restart system after this?



  • I have restarted  both computers 4 times . F Safe still does not work 

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    Just as clarification -> I'm also only F-Secure user.


    For example, additionally to already noted topic - there was such topic:



    So, does your experience about next points:


    --> F-Secure tray-picture is visible? But not possible to rightclick it (or click it for any futher actions)?

    And F-Secure desktop logo also do not trigger opening UI.


    --> As re-check for other features: does rating pictures near search results are visible under Google/Bing/Yahoo search engine?

    And does such pages are blocked as suspicious/harmful-rated?

    Does it possible to perform scanning by 'rightclick' for file/folder/drive and option "Scan it"?


    --> What OS (build)?


    Generally -> my own steps with such situation -> try to contact Support Channels (provide information about it with fsdiag); And tries to perform reinstallation for F-Secure (as try to fix it locally).

    I got with my F-Secure SAFE under Windows 10 some potential troubles (at least, with current hour and maybe based on recent updates for some modules). But I able to see/use F-Secure UI.



  • Reason found to be a massive windows update that was slow to download .Defender had taken over in preperation .All good now Smiley Happy)

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