Lap top?


I have a desktop pc, samsung galaxy phone and a laptop.  It appears that my desktop and phone  is covered as it shows the icon but cant see it on the laptop?

How do I know its covered too. I did apply to add it but still dont know?


  • Ukko
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    Good to re-check if F-Secure solution is installed under your laptop.

    For example, under list of installed applications (possible to use tips by OS about 'how to get such place').


    If your experience about F-Secure SAFE -> does such words ""I did apply to add it but still dont know"" about My F-Secure Account portal? Or your experience about installing it under laptop and not visible any F-Secure logos.

    Some of Knowledgebase-articles about help with installation:

    possible to check "Related information" for this article (as some other topics).



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