F secure 2013 feedback n°x1562 ;)

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Re: F secure 2013 feedback n°x1562 ;)

I'm trying the last version atm, when you want to block a program here is what all should do.


1) check on the pop up window, where's the program located. If it's somewhere you're not aware since you installed your computer, fine let's...


2) check on internet to see what the program "can" be, and can do. if average sites says it's not dangerous, fine you can trust it even if you're not 100% sure, else...


3) block that program which is not vital to your computer to work properly.



We all knows that some programs can send personnal information, with or without our agreements, that's obvious.

I'm getting suspicious when installing programs because, someday i could see that another soft was installed without warning me. and it wasn't related to the use of the first i wanted.


I've seen too many friend's computers going down because of these program installations ( and mainly because they don't know about this ).


I really understand what you mean bret, i really do but i could see that " outbound side " is not secured : programs can communicate to the net even if a pop up asks if you want to allow it.


Janiashvili, threats are not always coming from outside. One day you could really be surprised to install a common soft, like notepad++ or winrar, and get hacked from inside because the soft exploited a breach in your os. i saw many sites down because of hackers attacks, they can easily replace download links with malicious things undetectable by antivirus.


as well as you would see paranoïa in my thoughts, as well i know it's possible to do that.

All that is created by humans is destructible by humans.


Re: F secure 2013 feedback n°x1562 ;)



As a fellow computer enthusiast I feel your pain, I too enjoy having full control over the actions of my computer, no matter if the actions are harmful or not. However it is also my job (among other people) to make sure that our product does what it promises to all people, not just computer enthusiasts. Even though for a person who understands computers a firewall rule is a simple thing to do and a question about a software going on the internet or not is a simple choice, for the vast majority of our userbase these questions are very difficult to answer and a firewall rule to allow for example Microsoft HomeGroup sharing is beoynd their capabilities.


This easily leads to a situation where all questions are answered either by allow or deny. In one choice security is compromized and in the other legitimate software cannot be used as it should be, since it cannot access the internet.


To solve these issues we've done the following:

1. Port filtering is left to Microsoft Firewall. Port filtering is the most basic of firewall functionality and Microsoft's firewall is actually very good at it and it has excellent compatibility with home network configurations.

2. Outbound and application filtering is managed by our DeepGuard technology, allowing connections from trusted, safe software automatically and only asking for software that is not well known. Automatic blocking is used when something acts very suspiciously or we know that the traffic is malicious.

3. We also beefed up the incoming data scanning, now we scan incoming http data for exploits and malware, stopping them even before they have a change to exploit the browser.


All in all the protection level against malware this gives is excellent. There is no need to worry about security and the product has very little noise to the end user.


The lost advanced control is something that we had to accept as a downside at this point. As a company delivering the security to people with very different skills in computing we feel that we need to serve the people who cannot protect themselves the most. That said, we are looking into possibilities of bringing back more advanced ways of controlling the networking of applications and other advanced settings that the more advaced users miss. Port filtering though is something that we are not planning to implement ourselves, we'd rather bring security features that are more advanced and do not replicate the OS functionality in fields where it is implemented well.


Thank you for your feedback here on the community. It's always good to hear what people think about our products and what are the real problems people face in real world. This is an excellent time to join our Technology preview program at beta.f-secure.com and let your voice to be heard, there you also get a glimpse at the new features while we still are developing them and having a possibility to affect the new official version of our products. It's good to remember that it is a beta program, so using the Techology preview builds on a production system is not necessarily a good idea.

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Re: F secure 2013 feedback n°x1562 ;)

Thanks Jusu and also Bret for the contribution from F-Secure on this issue.

Take a note what Jusu said about our Technology preview program at beta.f-secure.com if you are interested to give you feedback there as well.




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Re: F secure 2013 feedback n°x1562 ;)

Thanks also for all the info on this one to. but it doesn't matter now,  as I am not using F-Secure's any more (had it for 3 years now)

I love it up to now also, but with the new version that came out it has gone down hill big time, so I am never going to use it again. and tell all my friend about it to, some of them are using it also thanks to me..

I have found another Virus Cheker now that will do all the things I want a virus checker to do .




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Re: F secure 2013 feedback n°x1562 ;)

First, many thanks to your answers. i really appreciate it because it proves your implication as a company.


I totally understand the team's choice. F secure were always keeping an eye on the accessible part of the soft, and yet was really complete.


if you want my feelings, well... i believe that many people are always asking help, while they could look a little by themselves.

finally, i find it more interesting to understand what i am working with.

Sometimes i make jokes, thinking of an antivirus/firewall program with one Big button " PROTECT ME" which silently stop viruses or inbound threats. Smiley Tongue


Anyway, it's time to evolve this way, i suppose.


May i ask you why did you work with the win7 firewall so late, if it was performant ? Has it really evolved in 3 years ? Or were you studying carefully its mechanisms ?



Now a question about the system control on windows 7, i don't know if it's called like that in english but, you know when you change a windows setting, or that a program may change something by itself, your are warned by a popup and your screen turn dark. ok you see ?

many times it warns you for nothing, so i tried to deactivate it and proceed carefully. i trust f secure too.


Do you think someone could exploit the port 80, which is often listening, to change some admin settings, and maybe get to disable any protection ?



I want to point one thing, i didn't came here with anger or " pay back" rage, and honestly i didn't expect a real explanation on your new system. i really want to try it before having a real opinion.

Oh, and why not give the user to decide if he wants to use in "simple mode" or " advanced user" ?

if you're really " looking into possibilities of bringing back more advanced ways of controlling the networking of applications and other advanced settings that the more advanced users miss " there are 2 ways to do it, you could let us the choice to use f secure 2012 by example or make an "advancer user mode".


i've got 3 computers at home, i used to make some rules for programs concerned between them, due to the new network system on win7, to play on lan by example, and this, considering that only one computer was exposed to the internet.

To allow only file sharing service was really simple with fsecure, i know you can do it on win7 firewall too, but it didn't prevent programs for accessing internet immediatly, that's why i choosed f secure.


As for the beta testing, it should be really interesting, as i'm the kind of people to exploit every functions of a program, nevertheless i'm only an "amateur" let's say it frankly. all my knowledge is based on experience when repairing my computer or my friend and family 's, and those i looked for on the web. Will it be enough to interests you ?


Thanks again :)

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Re: F secure 2013 feedback n°x1562 ;)

@FormerMember wrote:

As for the beta testing, it should be really interesting, as i'm the kind of people to exploit every functions of a program, nevertheless i'm only an "amateur" let's say it frankly. all my knowledge is based on experience when repairing my computer or my friend and family 's, and those i looked for on the web. Will it be enough to interests you ?


That would be plenty enough of interest to us! As Jusu mentioned before, we are always eager to hear the real problems in the real world and based on your description we would be more than happy to have you on board!

You can register to our beta programs at https://beta.f-secure.com!

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Re: F secure 2013 feedback n°x1562 ;)

Its seems F-Secure has gone the Trend Micro route when it comes to the Firewall?. and as with when TM first made the switch I see the very same disgruntled F-S users all screaming the sky is falling?. without giving it a chance.


Yes if your a ‘power user’?, who wants complete control then I can understand?, but for I dare say the majority of users like myself?, I don't mind at all.


For me?, as long as the ‘Overall Package’ does its upmost to protect my PC ‘Within Reason’?, I’m happy. the problem with most firewalls is they tend to get in the way more then anything. I don't want my AV/FW to be Seen or Heard, Period.


Now if you are not concerned with complete control? & only with how well the ‘extra protection’ added to the Windows firewall?, as I am. then look no further then PC Mag’s Neil J. Rubenking reviews of Trend Micros ‘firewall booster’, the best quality AV/FW Reviews I know of on the web?. Neil is tough in his AV/FW software test’s & tells it how it is. in his resent review of Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus+ 2013?, his closing comment on its firewall booster was “It's tough!”. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2409581,00.asp


Also in his review of Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2012 he gives a little more of a detailed view & his closing comments kind of sum it up well. “Trend Micro's approach of relying on Windows Firewall is a bold one. For most users, the lack of confusing popups and network activity charts will be refreshing.” http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2391437,00.asp


Now I'm only assuming this is the same sort of thing F-S has done?. Neil has already reviewed F-Secure Anti-Virus 2013 & in an E-mail he told me his review of ‘internet security’ should be up soon. I contacted him on this very issue & am eagerly awaiting his review of IS to see how the new FW component works.


I kind of like the idea of using what's already their. Smiley Wink


Re: F secure 2013 feedback n°x1562 ;)

I must be a ‘power user’ and I want  complete control over every thing (email also). anyway I have found a better Virus Checker  now than "F-Secure" which is faster,user less ram and checks more thing to. it even boot up faster :)



and as for Trend Micro I have had a look at that one a while back now and the was a lode of old crap :) at the time.


Re: F secure 2013 feedback n°x1562 ;)

Just got a full refund on my sub. While I understand the desire to simplify software for users, an enforced upgrade is a horrid solution. Like many users, I don't trust the Windows Firewall having been burnt by it many times before. Yes DeepGuard is overseeing and adding additional features, but that doesn't cut it sorry. I want my advanced rules etc.


A two tier system whereby you can continue using 2012 or opt to upgrade to 2013 would of been great, but getting the rug pulled out from under me with an enforced upgrade when re-installing is very disappointing behaviour for a software company.


I've been using F-Secure for over 4 years now, first through the version supplied by my ISP, and then when they switched to McAffee I have been paying for it since, but I won't be a customer again until I see something similar to 2012.


To end on a positive note, a big thanks to Ivan on chat support for processing my refund with minimal fuss; very impressed with that.


Re: F secure 2013 feedback n°x1562 ;)


you can not use 2012 version now I tryed that again and it didn't like my key **bleep** so they have lost me for good now as I have found a new Virus Checker which is a lot better than F-Secure and does every thing I want it to do.

and I am another one that does not like the windows firewall.. all my friends have stop using it now to..