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    ktx what is Virus Checker??
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    it is called "Avira Internet Security 2013" I am using the demo version at the moment but I am going to buy it soon.

    I can't find anything wrong with it at the moment. and as I only have 2mgs of ram on my pc it work very will for me.

    and give my full control over every thing to..



  • Janiashvili
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    for example which?


    what FS doesn't, what Avira does?

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    I think it's time now to stop telling you're going to buy another soft, or which is better. I told you by pm, that you could use the 2011 version as it's standalone installer. you'll get the same possibilities that you were able to use in previous version.


    you don't have to bash F-secure team that much. they pointed out that they needed to be more accessible to a large community, that's their choice. We do tell them, that we're not so happy of this choice, and we mean it , once.


    I'm part of people that wants complete control over the web flow between my computer, and the outside. That's my way.

    and as, earlier, there was a breach in the iexplore 8, i don't trust windows at all for my privacy, that's all.



    The only thing really important here will be the different people complaining about it, on this topic, not the repeatedly whining about buying another soft, it's your choice, so, if you really don't like f secure anymore, why are you still there ?


    no offense man, but you're repeating yourself too much in my opinion.


    understand this please : the more different people asks f secure to bring an "advanced user mode ", the more we can hope for f-secure 2014 or in a patch.


    i'm still glad someone of the team answered me, the best they can do for me, will be to keep my opinion in their mind, at least. stop being angry, ktx please.


    Finally, if you really think that the previous firewall misses you, tell it there if you want :) that may helps

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    TY Laurent.


    Exactly what I've been thinking Smiley Wink

  • J'ai aussi été très surpris en faisant la MAJ Internet Security 2013,

    de ne plus avoir un pare-feu F Secure.

    Je n'ai jamais fait confiance à celui de windows.

    Je suis vraiment déçu !

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    Hello crici13,


    As the community isn't localized in french, it would be great if you can post in english so that everybody has a chance help you or  react  to your input.



    thank you

  • J'ai aussi été très surpris en faisant la MAJ Internet Security 2013,

    de ne plus avoir un pare-feu F Secure.

    Je n'ai jamais fait confiance à celui de windows.

    Je suis vraiment déçu !


    "I was really surprised while doing the FSecure 2013 update, that the previous f secure features were gone.

    I've never trusted windows one.

    I'm really disappointed."

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    I realize most of the contention with FS-IS is the new Firewalls lack of controls?. As I've already said?, I could care less about advanced controls etc. for the most part when it comes to my FW component?, Protection is My Number One Concern.


    So for whatever its worth?, Neil at PCMag finally released his new review of FS-IS 2013?, & in his 'OVERALL' FW Score?, 2013 actually Scored 'BETTER' then 2012.




    2012 FW: 3 out of 5.


    2013 FW: 3.5 out of 5.


    BUT Let Me Be Clear?, as far as Both FW go?, they Both have 'Little to be Desired' Smiley Embarassed & Need Much Improvement IMO.


    PCMag FS-IS 2012


    PCMag FS-IS 2013



  • Doh! I wish I'd known about the 2011 offline/redist installer before I asked for a refund but I'm definitely glad I kept an eye on this thread to learn that nugget of info. Suffice to say, I'm really happy to be an F-Secure customer again :)

  • Hello, i'm back, and as my license is ending soon, i was checking if something changed in the team's mind.


    i saw that some kudoed have been given to my suggestion


    ( i must admit beeing really surprised )


    As i saw that others ideas from last years had an answer from the dev team, i think mine won't be given some interests for fsecure 2014.


    If one day F-secure team change their mind, i'll gladly come back to you. Until that day i end my subscription here, it was really enjoyable for the past 7 years to try and have your product.


    I wish you good luck anyway ! see you !

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