F-Secure 2014 Internet Security Beta Test Firewall

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You are using Windows XP.


You've got to inform F-Secure that If I were to use your product, F-Secure Internet Security 2014 , that my computer is not adequate to have a highest level of protection by using a integrated Windows Firewall.


I keep emphasising these to F-Secure. To make use of their own Firewall instead of ready made Windows own Integrated Firewall.


Many Customers or Users did not like the idea of using Windows Firewall.


The level of protection using a Windows Firewall is zero!


I have tested myself and I still have someone remotely control my computer.


F-Secure started using these since the Mac Antivirus!


I suggesting to F-Secure to discontinue using Windows Firewall!!!


It is not secure!


Having to rely on DeepGuard is not enough.




Well the reason as to why I try to explain it to you to disable the router firewall is to check to see how risky is using a Windows Firewall. 


Regardless which Windows OS you are using.


I do not know whether F-Secure get this!





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I will feedback to F-Secure, but I can't really state that my firewall is insecure, as it's actually passed all of the tests I've thrown at it!  I have a feeling, though, that they won't want to develop further support for Windows XP Firewall, as XP itself will be coming to the end of its life next year.  That said, thousands of computers will still be running it for years to come.


Would a stand alone firewall, such as Comodo, work alongside F-Secure on Windows XP?  I think this has been asked before, and it's generally not recommended to have two firewalls running side by side.


One thing that does bother me about the Windows XP Firewall is that even with the box ticked to notify of new connections, I have never been asked to permit an incoming connection, yet 'Exclusions' have appeared that I haven't myself actioned, to my knowledge.  That said, all of the Exclusions are programs I know, and would have permitted anyway, but where have the exclusions come from?


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Actually, I've just realised, would it have been FSIS that added the Exceptions to the Windows Firewall? If so, sorry for the stupid question! It still would have been nice to have been informed, though. All it needs is a little pop up notification.

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Van még mit erősíteni a tűzfalon...


comodo-F-secure test.png




Az eredmény egyenlőre gyenge...

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please feedback this issues and make the matter known to F-Secure. At F-Secure beta site.


F-Secure Beta Team, please take note of the issues!


I have informed you guys via the survey form. 


So I am not sure whether you take note of the problem with using Windows default firewall.


Like I said F-Secure, the Windows Firewall is not secure!!!

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As of today, (now) F-Secure's Deep Guard  have detected and block Comodo Firewall Leaktesting.


You still can choose either option to allow or to block.


Please do a test again to confirm this.


Thank you.

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Re: F-Secure 2014 Internet Security Beta Test Firewall - Matousec Firewall Leak Testings

Hi All,


I have submitted the report both to F-Secure SAS Team and the F-Secure Beta Test Team on this Issues.


Here is the reply from the F-Secure SAS Team,



Sorry for the delay in replying this inquiry.

Kindly be noted that Matousec does not test with real malware.
We focus on detecting malware that is seen in the wild. You can refer to our excellent protection score in both AV Test and AV Comparatives tests.

We have analyzed the Matousec test results.
Detecting those Matousec tricks & techniques that are also used by real malware have been added to DeepGuard roadmap.

Should you have further concerns, please do not hesitate to email us again.

Best regards,
F-Secure Security Labs              http://www.f-secure.com/weblog/
F-Secure Corporation                http://www.f-secure.com/

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Re: F-Secure 2014 Internet Security Beta Test Firewall

This is an awkward test that I find weird with F-Secure Deep Guard. 


And I found to be really horrible.


Inorder to pass the GRC leaktest.



if you wanted to PASS the test with GRC Leak testing, this is steps which you need to do.




1.  Run grcleaktest.


2. Deep Guard detect and prompt.


3. I trust the application. Let it continue.


4. The go to F-Secure Tools, Select Application permission, click details to block or click the applciation select to deny.


5. Go to GRCLeaktest and select test for leaktest.


6. And you will get the  "Unable to connect".


Then GRCLeaktest will pass the test.


As for the Comodo Firewall leaktest. I will not get a perfect score of 340/340!!!


If I do a first test I get a score of 190/340. That is bad!!!


I find Deep Guard very weird.


if you want better results than this.


Again, you have to do the awkward test like the followings:-


1. Run clt.exe file.


2. Deep Guard detect to block it. And CLT program launches.


3. Select Exit. for the CLT program. (Don't click the test  button, just exit)


4. Go to F-Secure tools, Application permission. Select Allow clt program from block. click close.


5.run clt.exe again.


6. Goto F-Secure tools, Applications permission, Select Block or Denyt this time under the clt.exe file. click close.


7. Click on Test for the clt.exe file.


8. Then you will see that the Deep Guard prompts again to block. Click close.


9. Then will see the score 260/340.


So that is the Awkward Tests that you have to do.




As for the actual test is in this manner.


1. Run GRCleaktest program.


2.  Deep Guard detects it.


3. click ok to block.


4. GRCleaktest launches.


5. Application Block prompts from Deep Guard. Click close.


6. Select test for leaks from GRCleaktest, it will not run anything! Connecting.... and it will stuck there forever. And failed the GRCleak test.



As for the Comodo Firewall leaktest.


1. Run CLT.


2. Deep Guard detects. Click ok to block.


3. CLT program launches.


4. Select test button.


5. CLT program will be block. And will run the program.




The next one, this is a bug that I found with GRCLeaktest.


Okay go to the F-Secure Status settings, Deep Guard options and click all the tab options. Yeah Including the "Use the compatibility mode (lower security).


And you know what GRCleaktest failed the test. And firewall leaktest is penetrated!!!


That is a bug... Deep Guard did not detect when the program runs!!! 


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This is why we so very much need some manual options in DeepGuard, so that the user can have some control over which programs are allowed or blocked. It would also be much better if DeepGuard listed ALL programs that it had allowed or blocked, which, again, would give the user far more control.
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Re: F-Secure 2014 Internet Security Beta Test Firewall



Windows Firewall really sucks!!


Big time!


I wonder why F-Secure still using Windows Firewall.


That goes the  same to the F-Secure Mac Antivirus.


F-Secure still want to use Integrated Firewall.


Where is the protections???