F-Secure 2014 Internet Security Beta Test Firewall



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    I still feel, though, that in a way, you're manipulating the product in order to make it fail, by forcing it to allow a program it has blocked. Isn't this the same as taking an infected file out of quarantine, forcing it to run, then complaining you have a virus?

    We do need user permissions within DeepGuard, but I'm not really seeing the big deal with the Comodo test. Sorry.
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    Just out of curiosity, have you run the same test with Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Norton, or any other security suites, and do they all fare significantly better than FS?
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    I do an extra mile to do the beta testing for both GRCleaktesting and Comodo Firewall Leaktesting.


    The reason I call an awkward testing is because people just wanted to know how to pass the abovemention firewall leaktesting.


    That is the only work around to do the beta testing.


    I called it Awkward is because F-Secure failed to detect even I allow the GRCLeaktesting and Comodo Firewall leaktesting.


    This is to show that there isn't any Notificiation to indicate to allow or block the program when you even allow or trusting the program to run.

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    I have not beta testing with other AVs yet.


    But just to keep you up to date, the current AVIRA free are not compatible with Windows 8.1.


    I did try the Bitdefender Antivirus Free. It too have issues to run both with Comodo Firewall. On Windows 8.1.


    Bitdefender Antivirus Free works well on Windows 8.1 Preview.


    But Comodo Firewall. There is compatibility issues with Windows 8.1  Preview. Because it is not compatible on Windows 8.1.




    So just take note on both issues.






    Malwarebytes is fine to run on Windows 8.1 preview.




    So does Kaspersky Online Scanner. That work well too with Windows 8.1 preview.




    There is some issues with Hitmanpro on Windows 8.1. The Kaspersky TDSSKiller have issues with it when you run Hitmanpro.





    I have notify the issues to Hitmanpro Support on these.


    So just take note of all the summaries that I have told you.


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    with all your testing you must either have a lot of spare computers or you are running several snapshots/images on the same computer?

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    Ha ha aha ha!


    Go figure!


    I have only on PC to run.


    I don't even run on Virtual box or VMWare player.


    Even on Hyper-V.


    My Machine is not powerfull enough to run many specs on a single PC. (A below spec crappy machine!)


    Can anyone tell me if there is a way to HACK an XBOX to run like a PC???


    That would be a interesting stuff.


    Run Windows on XBOX!


    Needless to say I am a DISTRO Hopping!!!


    I can't even run many OSes on my PC on a single HD!


    It's too limited!


    I'm not even run on AMD FX 8 Core or Intel Core i7 Quad Core computer.


    And I still thinking for one.


    A better specs with Nvidia Graphic Card.


    Come to know the fact is that Haswell CPU still have USB 3.0 bugs. I'm not sure whether the C2 Motherboard for Haswell solve the USB 3.0 bugs.


    Take a look at it.





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    manipulating and make it to fail a product??


    :-P Nope!




    I still call it an Awkward testing because it's awkward to do testing this way or methods.


    There is no way to get around things to get things done.


    I just testing the Deep Guard technology how effective it is!

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    My computer hardware is under specs!


    And I have people who remote controlling my computer every day and disrupting my work every now and then.


    And he have the time to snoop, spy on my computer.


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    I assume then that you are installing/reinstalling new software all the time on the same hard drive?


    Not good for your registry.


    I highly recommend using a good Virtual Box software/snapshot program/imaging program for your testing otherwise any problems/incompatibilities in a security program may simply be a reflection of poor installs/re-installs of lots of different software.

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    Because the computer that I am runing is real sucks.


    I did not want to buy a Mac.


    Because I've got people remote controlling my computer. And disrupting things when I am doing hefty work on my beta testing.


    No doubt, I have Apple Cupertino people that I got an AppleSeed Invitation to do their OS X beta testing.


    Well I do not have their latest and greatest Macbook pro to test their products.


    I stll looking around.For a new computer.



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    Hi All,


    Update News:-


    This is a Matousec's Review on F-Secure Internet Security 2014 Firewall Leaktesting results!




    F-Secure Beta Team, there is a need to work on these issues.

  • Oui en effet, le pare-feu windows est vulnérable.

  • yeoldfart
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    mine leaves only port 80 open which is needed and thus normal to allow legit http connections, mail etc.

    no problems so far.

    Windows firewall is a strong one, it only lacks a nice gui to make things easier, especially hand configuring outgoing connections.

  • NikK
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    @yeoldfart@  wrote:

    Windows firewall is a strong one, it only lacks a nice gui to make things easier, especially hand configuring outgoing connections.


    I agree 100% and I can highly recommend Windows Firewall Control by BiniSoft: http://www.binisoft.org/wfc.php

    It's a great additional GUI to Windows Firewall. For a small donation you can unlock the notifications feature of all outbound connections. From there you can easily create rules, temporary or permanent. I would say it has exactly everything that the Windows Firewall GUI lacks!


    You can enable logging of allowed/blocked connections, and compared to the "not-so-great" win fw log this one also shows what program made the connection. And if you need to install a program that uses temp files during the installation process, you can easily switch "Profile" temporarily to allow all connections.

    To sum up: You will never again have to open "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security" Smiley Very Happy

  • yeoldfart
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    @NikKgood tip I'll give it a try

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