how to add a device


how to add a device

I booked and payed on my ipad a 3 devices subscription

i add it easily on my Iphone by the Appstore

How can i include my Mac book in the package ?




Re: how to add a device



Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions).

It is a little be unclear what is F-Secure solution there.


I think that if your experience is about F-Secure Freedome (for example) - it is possible that your subscription is valid only for iOS devices.

Based on this Knowledgebase article:

 there are two types of subscription:

- Multi-platform, multi-device subscriptions

- and App store subscriptions


Second one type is valid only for mobile platform. While with first type of subscription - should be possible to use 'licences' of subscription to any supported platform.


Do you able to provide more information about your situation?

Also, there are some of next (maybe) helpful Knowledgebase articles: