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Dear Dik,  We had the same problem as you. It is impossible to use the link from Virgin through to F-Secure to get a years free subscription. I contacted a high up at Virgin who kept me on for ages while he contacted them. He said there is a fault and the Technicions were working on it. Nothing happened after days of waiting so we said Stuff IT! We have now bought Bit Defender which has won the most awards for a Security product. We got it for only £27.50 and it is for 3 computers. It works really well.

Like you, I will be contacting Virgin to ask for a refund as we are not getting that part of our package that we are paying for. hope this helps, Colin


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@Daddybear wrote:

Re your reply to DIK, we all have the same problem, the link does not work!

We uninstalled all security and checked Windows updates. We tried all suggestions but to no avail.We then contacted Virgin who could not help. So we have bought Bit defender which works great and like DIK will be asking Virgin for a refund.



Well, with respect, Dik hasn't actually said specifically what the problem is. If we just assumed everyone has the same issue, and didn't bother to try to help, then this wouldn't be a very good forum.

There have been lots of different transition issues with Virgin customers, and I think most of those that have posted here, have had positive outcomes from doing so, but obviously, there will be some cases we can't help with.


If this is indeed a 'dead' or faulty link, then I would hope that an F-Secure Expert will respond to this thread, and if necessary, take up the issue with Virgin.


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I agree!  dik didn't specify the problem, but because he posted in this specific thread I assume the issue is about the registration part. And as I've stated before quoting Virgin Support:


If when you sign into My VM your user details aren't being recognise when trying to register, then please check that firstly you have signed in with your primary email address.


You can find additional information on the registration process here, however if you are still experiencing problems with the registration not recognising your details then this will need to be investigated by Virgin rather than F-secure and I would ask you to please call us.


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Regarding the last person saying contact Virgin rather than f-secure, I can assure you this has been done by me and is a waste of time.

I held on the phone and was transferred many times over 30 minutes. Finally the gentleman said he had contacted F-secure who were working on the problem and would definatly phone me within 2 days. No one phoned and I contacted Virgin again and still the same drivel but no resolution to the problem. As for logging in correctly, of course I did and checked my account payments just to prove it but the link to F-Secure just will not work.

Take my advice as this won't be resolved. Just go to Bit defender or another company and buy their product. Then at last you will be covered and have peace of mind.


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I totally understand as I was the one who recommended you to check out VM community about this, but isn't it better to tell Virgin this instead of here?! That's what I would do if I was a disappointed Virgin customer.


And when you say go to BitDefender "or another company and buy their product" you're implying that F-Secure is not an option. If Virgin is the reason you can't get F-Secure through them, you might as well get SAFE directly from F-Secure without Virgin involved, as getting any other product.


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re. customer reg. discussion regarding f-secure and virgin. Here we are "Customers",  trying to resolve  a problem that should by resolved by Virgin and F-Secure. Are either of these two companies are even capable of resolving this problem?. I think not, their customer service is very poor and the means of access to either Virgin or F-Secure is virtually non existant. In an Ideal situation I would not do Business with either of these Companies ever again. For the time being I have aquired security elsewhere and hopefully I will have no more head aches over this issue. Thanks to everyone for the input.

Regards Dik.



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I have seen a few misinformation’s posted in this thread and will try to clear things up as much as possible.


First off for any Virgin Media customer to receive the free 12 month promotions they first need to do the following:


1: Sign in to your Virgin media portal

2: Follow the link within the portal that leads to our website and then create an account.


This will enable you to receive the promotion, otherwise if you go directly to our website  then you will not receive the promotion destined for Virgin Media subscribers. As the link from within the Virgin Media portal contains a special token that grants this offer to you. This is used to ensure that Virgin Media subscribers can be differentiated and the promotion automatically added to the account and is only valid for 1 registration.


In Many cases clients have went directly to our website to register, hence leaving them with only the standard 30 day trial. If the proper registration process is taken the promotion is added to the account. If the client (or someone who has access to is Virgin Media portal) has registered prior and has forgotten or was not informed the new account will only include the 30 day trial.


I am assuming you have spoken to F-Secure regarding this the problem you were experiencing, could you provide me with your case number or email address you used for that contact and I will look into the situation for you.



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Hi Hailen,


It is indeed the advice Nik and myself have been giving, that Virgin customers must register via their Virgin account portals, in order to get the free year's subscription to F-Secure SAFE.


What seems to be the issue for some is that the link from the Virgin portal is apparently not working.  Is there any way that you can test this link, and verify that it works correctly?  Unfortunately, neither Nik (I don't think) or myself are VM customers, so we cannot access the VM account portals to check this.






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Regarding trying to obtain the free offer of 1 years subscription, You do not understand what we the customers are facing. The link from the Virgin Portal to you transferes us to a page on your site to Log in.

Then it does not recognise us. There is no way to create an account, or move from that page.

As stated I have phoned Virgin and on many occasions held on for ages only to be given drivel as if I am an idiot. Finally after demanding someone higher up, i was put through to Ian Roswell, phone No 0845 234 0037. At last an intelligent person at Virgin. He spent 20 mins talking to F-Secure and said that there was a problem which would be looked into and you would contact me within 48 hrs. Case no is 00113278.

No one phoned so I used your live chat. It was of course someone in India and as usual in these cases I was merely given what is on their script. In total I must have tried about 30 times to follow the correct procedure so I gave up.

I reiterate the link when followed correctly from virgin says you will be taken through and in minutes be safe with F-Secure. Guys it does not recognise us and has no link on the page to move forwards. Like Dik we have tried and tried and are of reasonable inteligence but have been forced to give up, Sorry but someone should try it at your end and you will see its flawed. By the way, I went in the end directly to your site and took up a 30 day free trial. In the 2 days I used it, it made my computer erratic, took ages to scan and kept closing sites like Outlook down saying there was a problem.

The moment I installed Bit Defender, it worked smoothly again and I have quick scans and no problems.


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I have no idea why the Virgin Media link wasn't / isn't working - this is something F-Secure need to sort out with Virgin, in my opinion, although, it could have been a temporary glitch, as plenty of people have previously registered successfully.


Re your erratic computer performance on installing FS trial, that is a classic symptom of a previous anti-virus product not being completely removed.  It may just be that Bitdefender is more 'tolerant' of leftovers from other products.


As you've already licensed Bitdefender,. I don't think there's an awful lot we can do to help you now, but good luck with it, and thanks for the heads up re the registration issue.  Hopefully someone from F-Secure can test this soon.