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  • DaddybearDaddybear Posts: 8

    Hello Chrissy,

                               I am afraid its a case of welcome to the club.

    There must be thousands of us who have been trying for months to get this FREE subcription to F-Secure.

    I started in february and if you look up my comments they exactly match your experience.

    When as you say, you go from the Virgin site through to F-Secure they ask you to sign in.

    As you have found, nothing works it just will not recognise you and you cannot move to another page.

    I have given up contacting Virgin and being treated like I am an idiot.

    The site just will not work and no one will do anything about it.

    The offer of a year FREE is just a big con.

    So I advise you to give up and just buy a package off a reliable company.

    I got a great offer from Bitdefender, give them a try.

    You can ironically sign up to F-secure and get a whole month FREE, WOW :-(   to do this just Google F-Secure through to their site.

    I do not understand why so called reputable companies like Virgin run these offers and despite being told they don't work, they will do nothing. Goodluck but give up now as nothing you do will get you this offer.

    Shame on you Virgin, have you not heard of "The Trade Decsiptions Act"  ???? 

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,628 Superuser
    It would be good to know how many people have successfully migrated to F-Secure from Virgin, using the offer, but I'm not sure if those statistics are available.

    From what we have seen here on the forum, there were a few issues with several customers, and I believe we managed to help a good proportion of those through the process. There may well have been a few that fell by the wayside, and went off to pastures new, but I wouldn't have thought those would run into the thousands.

    Bitdefender offers good protection. Personally, I found support to be lacking, while I was using it in 2012, and I didn't like the idea of popup ads being generated from the product, without an easy 'opt-out', but maybe, and hopefully, that has changed now.
  • StephanStephan Posts: 351

    Hi Daddybear,


    Sorry to hear about your experience. I can assure you, it is not a widespread problem.

    The majority of Virgin users were able to sign up and are using F-Secure SAFE without problems.


    You're right, we offer a 30 day free trial to all who are interested to try SAFE.


    As a Virgin customer, you can get 12 months for free.


    Sadly, something went wrong for you, and a few other customers too.


    I do have a suspicion what went wrong, and where. The good news: We can fix it :)


    For better understanding and the benefit of others reading this topic, let me quickly describe what's happening when you access SAFE through Virgin Media.

    If you don't want to hear about the background info, scroll past the italic part.


    Virgin offers 12 months free F-Secure SAFE to every user. To allow each user a unique registration and ensure everyone gets 12 months for free, Virgin embeds a special unique ID for every user clicking on the link to SAFE from within the Virgin account. That unique ID is what allows you to get 12 months, instead of 30 days for free.

    When visiting the SAFE page the first time (from within my Virgin Media), it displays a register page.
    Once registered, there is a understanding between both web sites.

    From now on only a login page is shown - as you already created a SAFE account with that unique ID.


    In your case I believe the unique ID might have not been that unique or has been falsely identified by either system as being already registered.


    To solve this, from a technical point of view, is to either get you a new unique ID on the Virgin site, or do some magic on our end, to make this ID unused again.


    Long story short, please contact us again. You can use either our chat or our webform to get in touch.

    Refer to this community post to make sure you don't have to explain everything over again.

    Note: Assuming my suspicion is correct, the solution will not be immediate, we'll have to first investigate internally where your unique ID got stuck, but we'll come back to you with a solution within a few days.


    I'd also like to thank you for your patience and your continuous feedback here in our community.



  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,628 Superuser

    Thanks for that explaiation, Stephan.  That certainly may have been the reason for several of the problems posted here, regarding login difficulties. 

  • AJDazAJDaz Posts: 9

    Hi I have tried everything to make F-Secure work for me but for whatever reason it does not.

    I have run the reccomended CCleaner to remove traces of previous antivirus software.

    Ran the online scanner but this froze and stopped working.

    Re-installed F-Secure and ran another scan which did the same thing, scanned 545 files then freeze up my computer requiring a power off to start again.

    Have tried various reccomended options but none have worked for me so will go back to my original

    software for now.

    I signed up for the Virgin 12months free but want to delete this subscription.

    Cannot see on your website where I do this.

    If you can help with this please, I have uninstalled F-Secure from my computer now and did not get round to putting on my other devices.


    Thank you


  • baz_wbaz_w Posts: 1

    I managed to register my desktop through the Virgin portal ok, but two issues. It appears to want me to pay again in three months (I haven't paid anything yet), does Virgin meet this cost? And part of the appeal of the product is the ability to register phone and tablet for it aswell - except I haven't been able to. I have now got what appears to be an unlinked free version on my phone. The form informs me I should be able to register other devices in the future ?how far.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,628 Superuser
    I could be wrong, but as far as I am aware, mobile security only supports Android devices, not including Kindles. Which phones / tablets are you trying to install on?

    With regards the licensing issue, I think you may need to contact F-Secure on that one, via a support ticket.
  • shellyshelly Posts: 2

    I got f-secure free with virgin media  so i signed up with virgin media and followed there link from vm page to swap to f-secure and ended up with 30 day trial  instead of 12 months how do get rid of trial and get my 12 months free been trying for weeks now and it runs out in 10 days help please

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