Swedish BankID issue

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Swedish BankID issue

When user starts newest version of BankID security application from Start menu he receives
message from BankID app that “Encryption wrapper failed” which means that integrity check fails.

An exclusion for the affected version of BankID application has been added to our products.
However users who already are experiencing this problem an extra step may be needed in order to fix the problem.

1.) Check your F-Secure installation folder with File Explorer
2.) Type cmd.exe to Windows search to find Command prompt. Right click the icon and choose "Run as an administrator" and provide your administrator username and password.
3.)In 32-bit Windows Command prompt run "[f-secure installation folder]\orsp client\orspdiag.exe --cache-clear"
In 64-bit Windows Command prompt run "[f-secure installation folder]\my f-secure\apps\ccf_reputation\orspdiag.exe" --cache-clear.

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Re: Swedish BankID issue

Too complicated for most users. What about shut F-Secure down and re-install BankID?

Re: Swedish BankID issue

Man hittar instruktionerna för att fixa problemet här:


Ett något snabbare, men mer tekniskt sätt och ett litet långsammare, men kanske mer förståeligt.