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Real Time scanning application exemption


Real Time scanning application exemption

Hello All




I have a couple of applications that I use daily on my Macbook that suffer from impossibly slow opening times becasue f-safe is scanning all their docs. I am aware that I can disable real time scanning however that's no good when you are constantly hopping in and out of apps. I am hoping to permanently exempt selected apps from real time scanning. Is this possible?


Thank you


Grant McKean,



Re: Real Time scanning application exemption

This may not be helpful, but on the Windows version, you can exclude files and folders from scanning, by opening the main UI, then going to Settings > Scanning exclusions.  You can then add files and folders to be excluded, so I would assume, by adding your app's folder, this might do the trick.




As you can see here, I have excluded RouterStats Lite. 


Apologies in advance if none of the above is relevent to the Macbook version, which I am not familiar with.


Re: Real Time scanning application exemption

Thanks for answering Simon, I'm afraid the Mac version doesn't do that. Seems daft to me but there you go...


Kind regards