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I have a couple of applications that I use daily on my Macbook that suffer from impossibly slow opening times becasue f-safe is scanning all their docs. I am aware that I can disable real time scanning however that's no good when you are constantly hopping in and out of apps. I am hoping to permanently exempt selected apps from real time scanning. Is this possible?


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  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    This may not be helpful, but on the Windows version, you can exclude files and folders from scanning, by opening the main UI, then going to Settings > Scanning exclusions.  You can then add files and folders to be excluded, so I would assume, by adding your app's folder, this might do the trick.




    As you can see here, I have excluded RouterStats Lite. 


    Apologies in advance if none of the above is relevent to the Macbook version, which I am not familiar with.

  • Grant
    Grant Posts: 3 New Member

    Thanks for answering Simon, I'm afraid the Mac version doesn't do that. Seems daft to me but there you go...


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