Problem with my account and uppgrade to Total


Problem with my account and uppgrade to Total


I tested a trial version of Safe in 2107 and after that, I didn't log on my account until today when I want to by Total.


The picture basically says that my Safe trial period has ended and I must renew it.

When I press the "buy now" button my only option is to renew Safe and I can't buy Total.


What shall I do?

Do I need to make a new account with a new email because of this or can my account be deleted so I can use my email again?




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Re: Problem with my account and uppgrade to Total



Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


Probably, yes. 

If next knowledgebase articles:

are not applied to your current state and account.


Then possible to contact their official Support Channel (chat as example):

and to request tweak, fix or even "delete" your account. Or to ask any other advice for upgrade to F-Secure TOTAL. Likely that there should be workaround and ability to save your account; but re-pin it to TOTAL.


Another option is to create fresh account. For example, possible to try create account with your mail-address (in fact); but to try use it with "alias" (just like for some of known mail providers: yourmailaddress+TOTAL@yourmailprovider[.]com ; where "+" start of alias-use and "TOTAL" is your custom alias).