Optimization Technology


Optimization Technology

Dear F-secure users,Smiley Happy


I ve heard that F-secure products use Bitdefender engine with other in-house made engines. I would like to know whether this includes the photon optimization technology too. I ask this just because i feel f-secure safe pretty heavy on my machine and there seem to be no option to tweak f-secure safe in the settings. Kindly let me know. Smiley Happy



Re: Optimization Technology



Mostly this is (Bitdefender engine) valid for advanced signature-based engine (as part of F-Secure Aquarius core);

I not sure if their "Photon"-technology is part of this engine (or not), but probably F-Secure do not include this certain technology. I do not remember about certain specific optimizations by Photon technology, but I able to think that F-Secure covered some of them under their own design/steps (with different view and points); And some of them can be uncovered (?);


Good if there will be clarification from F-Secure; Or from more experienced users;


I also able to suggest -> good if you will explain what certain things or "steps"  triggered "pretty heavy"-feelings about F-Secure work under your system.

Maybe it possible to tweak by some meanings or F-Secure team able to improve this!


Basically F-Secure do not provide "one-button" option to "boost it!", but they tried to create certain design with friendly-meanings for user's experience and for system's resources.



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Re: Optimization Technology

Hi Govind,


No, we don’t use BitDefender's Photon-technology. Instead we use our inhouse object reputation Service Platform (ORSP) for cloud scanning.

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