@NiKK EMET 5.0

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@NiKK EMET 5.0



What currently are you using now for EMET?




Any luck using it???


Did you use it on Windows 8.1???

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Re: EMET 5.0

Hi Rusli,


If you want to get the attention of another user in the community, you can always use the @ mention. 

In that case @NikK .

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Re: EMET 5.0

Thanks Ben!



Re: @NiKK EMET 5.0


Yes, but only on Win 7.


They've made some great improvements in 5.0, and that's probably why it was the most difficult EMET version so far to configure before I got all programs compatible with it. Hopefully it works better on Win 8.


Of what I've read in general about 5.0 problems, take note of this:

  • Deep Hooks is on by default, which may cause problems on some systems
  • EAF is a common problem
  • StackPivot might be the problem if programs crash without an alert from EMET
  • ASR and EAF+ are new mitigations
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Re: @NiKK EMET 5.0



EMET 5.0 is not compatible with Win 10. For your info.